Max for Live (M4L) plugin for Eventide H9 - Version 1.1.2 Released!

Hello all,

I’ve written an M4L plugin to remotely control an Eventide H9 (or more than one, if you have multiple) in Live. This includes the ability to choose ANY algorithm available on your device, whether it’s a preset or not, adjust the dials, send expression and hotknob, name your preset, store it with the live set, and automatically recall it to the device (without overwriting any presets ON the device) when loading the live set again.

You can also save custom H9 presets as Live effect presets and recall them using the Live preset browser. Again, this is entirely independent of the presets onboard the device and does not overwrite or alter those in any way - control is similar to the H9 control, but lacks some of the advanced settings at the moment.

You can download the plugin and read the setup docs here:



Sounds quality - saving as Live effect presets is super useful. Happy to be a beta tester:


Great! I’ll send you an email hopefully later this evening when I’m off work with the device and a few supporting files.

Sounds interesting. I’ll test out for you if you like!

Anders.skibsted (at)

Ok, I sent a couple emails out to @AndersSkibsted and @dystopiandisco on Tuesday. I’ll get something out to you this evening if I can, @efavaro. The code is on my studio workstation and I’ll need to head over there to send it to you.

If anybody else wants in, let me know, I’ll put you on the testing list.


Finally got to test this! Nice one for building this app @equipoise

Set it up on an Audio Return Track. Like the ability to have access to H9 favourite effects by saving M4L Patches (Especially useful with the new Ableton 10 Collections feature).

Things I need to work out - to make this super useful…

I still haven’t got the MIDI CC working (10 knobs). Do they run of CC 21-31 (1-10)? I just need to edit on the H9 Control app?

Once I’ve got that sorted - I’m having an issue when I click on another audio channel (away from the return track the M4L patch is on) the H9 loses the settings it was on. How to get around this?

Nice one.

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@dystopiandisco, thanks for the feedback!

I still haven’t got the MIDI CC working (10 knobs). Do they run of CC 21-31 (1-10)? I just need to edit on the H9 Control app?

I’m not currently in front of my H9, but IIRC the “usual” CC is 22-31, and you have to enable (in the pedal’s MIDI setup) the receive CC and send CC (if you want the pedal to send changes from the hotknob too). MIDI enable of CC isn’t on by default and TX and RX are separate settings. You also have to enable this if you want the expression pedal (the linear arrow control) to take effect, and that CC is not by default enabled at all on the pedal, so setting that to 11 will match the default configuration of the plugin. If you need to use other values, just flip to the “config” panel on the plugin and set up the CC and channel as you like (the plugin and the pedal settings must match - the plugin won’t try to “configure” the pedal for you, as a safety measure in case more than one pedal are on the same MIDI port).

Regarding the other audio channel - do you have an H9 plugin dropped onto that channel to? Or does that channel send program changes on the same MIDI interface the H9 is listening on? If you have a MIDI clip on that channel and it has a program or bank setting and the channel is sending out the same I/O port and channel you might have your H9 getting reset by accident. Otherwise, I’ll need more details because this is neither “normal” nor something I can reproduce. Can you list the steps required to reproduce this in a completely blank Live project?

Could I be included please!
If still possible?
guy.dwa at

Hey Guydw, I’m actually refactoring the plugin this weekend (assuming I get enough free time) to be a bit more robust/stable and to support the Push controller. I’m happy to send you the slightly buggy older version, but I can’t guarantee preset compatibility with the new version once I’ve completed the refactor.

Let me know if that’s something you’re interested in, or if you’re content to wait a week or two.

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No problem … let me know if you are ready, thanks in advance !

Def put me on the list when you are ready with dev , if you would be so kind :wink:

Hey all! Version 1.0.0 is here. It’s still slightly buggy, but it’s generally working nicely. Please use the GitHub here: for filing any bugs or issues, but you can chat about it’s operation and request features here on Lines.

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@Guydw in case you didn’t get notified on the above, or it wasn’t clear, you can now download the plugin from the above github repo. :smiley: Please let me know what you think of it, or if you have any troubles. I’ve just finished it this weekend after rewriting most of it from scratch so there may well be a few bugs that slipped by me!

Version 1.1 is now out. Added support for the knob expression pedal and performance switch mapping, plus setting the output gain.

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Sorry about my late reply and thank you for your quick response.Time has not been on my side lately…
Going to DL your device right now and I ll give you fb very soon!
Thanks for your time & effort much appreciated!

Really like what you did on this project…
Good implementation on all functions, etc…
Works fine when i plug the H9 straight into my mac usb port, however if I plug it in to my crowded usb hub I normally use, push constantly disconnects and restarts.Don’ t know if thats coming from your plugin, prob not…
Allround its very practical and I really enjoy it

Are you powering the Push from the hub? The Push pulls a LOT of power and can have reset issues with too many other devices on the hub. I’ve had that problem with the Push and unpowered hubs or under-powered hubs too and other devices.

The plugin will initially connect to the first MIDI device it sees, but it sends no data initially, so there shouldn’t be any interaction even if it were to connect to the Push (and that wouldn’t be dependent on where the devices were plugged anyway). Since the plugin only talks MIDI it doesn’t care about USB or other devices directly and can have no effect on them.

So I would suggest considering the power draw on the Push and maybe trying to power it from an external supply when using that hub? Also consider that the H9 is a VERY chatty pedal when you’re using the H9 control and that much traffic may be overwhelming the USB bus to the hub, if the hub is as busy as you say.

Eventide does not recommend running H9 control at the same time as other MIDI controllers are communicating with the pedal, but I’ve had very little issues (other than H9 control getting confused and out of sync sometimes) with doing so. But that might be another avenue to look after, as well.

thanks for the fast reply, my push 2 gets power from the main power chord :slight_smile:
But I ll give it another look considering your suggestions

Ok, let me know how it goes. Also, does the Push only start to get wonky when you load H9-Remote or is this a condition that happens whenever the H9 is in use, even with H9 Control? If the Push gets wonky only with H9 Remote, there might be a bug in live.banks M4L module, which could be an Ableton issue. I know there are some upcoming resolved issues with the Push 2 and glitches in which is soon-to-be-released so maybe that will fix this too.

If you’re on Live 9, though, all of that should be silently and automatically disabled so would not take effect at all anyway.

Live 10 here…Your explanation sounds very plausible…thank you