Max/MSP/Jitter vs. Touch Designer

Hey all,

I’ve spent the past couple of months working with Max/Jitter to work on my “VJ” set and feel somewhat competent now and happy with my body of work. A few days ago my friend showed me what he was working on with Touch Designer and basically blew me away. Obviously Touch Designer doesn’t have the same audio processing capabilities that Max does but was curious if anyone here had any opinions on the pros and cons of both technologies.

The metaphor I’ve been using is Max Jitter is going into the forrest, cutting down a tree, going to the woodshop and building your own chair from scratch, where as touch designer is walking into Ikea and picking out exactly the chair you already want, with simple building instructions included(with the benefit of being able to buy hundreds of chairs at once). Cheers!


I don’t use either, but do a lot of interactive graphics programming and am generally aware of their capabilities and I suspect your metaphor/analogy may be selling Touch Designer short. I’m pretty sure it can go at least as deep on graphics as Jitter.

I follow this artist Vincent Houze on instagram who does a lot of work with Touch Designer:

Check out this piece made with touch:

I believe it makes use of Nvidia’s Flex (GPU-based fluid simulation) library, which he might have written some kind of wrapper for… don’t know the details. But that is certainly not any kind of off-the-shelf, assemble-with-instructions kind of work there :wink:

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Def curious to hear some thoughts on this (and glad I haven’t been the only one wondering!)

I’ve been doing some VR work in Jitter with the Chris Wakefield package, but def feel like its hard work getting anythign to look at “good”/compelling as I might with Touch Designer/Unity.

With that being said, I feel like Jitter/Max is soooo elegant and such a joy to work with that I’ve mostly been incentivized to stay the course with it. I haven’t spent too much time with TD though, so maybe others feel different?