Max/MSP, Max4Live, & RNBO (the thread)

would recommend adding the serialosc object to presentation if you weren’t already planning on it !

that’s part of what i was trying to ask before, the object looks blank, and yet somehow mysteriously works despite looking unpopulated. so if i did include it… i don’t know how useful it would be.

save a copy of what you have working, but did you try replacing it with the one from the monome package as per advice in other thread ? maybe the subpatcher is just missing the interface

it is saved but somehow i missed that part of advice. my brain is pulpy after the days work. i was just happy getting it to look cute and work. i will try once i’m recharged :pray:

andrew will take u there



Is there a listing of objects somewhere or a book, that organizes them in functional groupings with short descriptions? I think I’ve got a good idea of many objects, but their names are not very descriptive and I’m sure I’m overlooking using many of them.

the reference has ‘max object functional listing’ and ‘msp object functional listing’ (which I just found out)

I’ve gotten back into the ppooll with max 8. I’ve really missed it. A shame that some of the spectral manipulation plugins are not present due to the object it was based on not existing ina 64bit version.

Anyone get into the MUBU package? I’m just going through the helpfiles (after noodling around with CataRt a few years back) and am pretty blown away by the depth and possibilities…

I used it in one of the iterations of Block Party, and after everything broke with a minor update, I decided to abandon it since I didn’t want to have to deal with that in the future.

It does do some cool stuff, but wasn’t worth the risk to me.

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Yeah, stuff breaking in max is pretty damn annoying. I’m thinking more small patches for individual compositions rather than devices, so should not be an issue. The opening patch with the segmented shaker controlled by a single slider has so many possibilities. Going to try and use it for this lcrp.

Yeah, in that case go for it. Quite powerful indeed.

Hi All,

I have just released my first Max For Live device. It’s a simple tool for creating generative music. You can read about it and grab a free copy via my website. It’s my first software release so I would be greatful for any feedback you my have.


I would try it, but the “shop” adds a £5 for shipping.

Thanks for the heads up, chapelierfou! The shop is new to me too. I believe I have disabled all shipping costs. Would you mind testing it to see if the shipping charge has been removed?

I guess you could just post it here ?

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@Wurrm - the “Paypal Buy It Now” button goes haywire. The regular cart/checkout works fine, except now you’ve got all my mailing information, so I expect to get something nice in the mail!

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@darwingrosse, thank you for your feedback. That’s really helpful.

It seems like the shop is a bit overkill! I have changed the download activation to a simple form.

I’ll keep the shop for physical products.


So after a few years away from max (thanks to you @darwingrosse and the ardcore) im slowly (trying to learn) my way back with max.

I opened my old max devices and started scratching my head, i pretty much have forgotten most of what i had learned!

I have done the grid studies again and its great to see there are plenty of new approaches (gridlab, beap, etc) but its also true that monome has becamed less max centric which is guess its a good thing.

Still i like the max ability to change devices with the autofocus, which seems to not be possible so far on norns.

Would like to have a hybrid setup where i could use both. I dont mind having to use a computer at all, so thats not a problem.

Still, with max im finding out (again) that there is quite a steep learning curve, so wondering if i should give the norns tutorials a go and se how it goes.

So would this be a good place to ask for monome-max related help?
I already have found a brick wall on one of my devices.


So this seems to be the right place then!

I found this great patch by @darwingrosse, its a scrolling step sequencer:

secondmonome-4.maxpat (12.7 KB)

So i have an old sequencer where i can change the step division, direction etc and i would like to implement the attached sequencer for my monome 256.

What i want to achieve is have a sequencer for each row. That means also having a play ahead indicator on each row.

I have tried implementing it for the second row, and i have run into a few problems.

First by doing a swaping of the $1 $2 $3 to only let pass the messages from row 2, im getting a delay. Meaning when turning triggers on or off, the monome only updates after the counter re starts from 0.

As I say im trying to learn my way back so apologies if this seem very obvious!

Here is my attempt for the second row of the monome:

and the patch:

secondmonome-mod.maxpat (17.3 KB)

Hope someone can help me out, thanks a bunch!

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is there a best/right/wrong way to use github for stuff i’m working on in attempts to share beloved tools? i’ve never used it before but my work is feeling more functional atm.

and here are 2 m4l patches direct from @Rodrigo!!! his blessing to share here were respectfully and directly procured and he did 100% of the building afaik (i had no hand in their making!).

Cloud.amxd (272.2 KB)
Resonator.amxd (293.4 KB)

i didn’t go deep into explorations with resonator but cloud blows my ass out of the water. using it is like improvising with yourself. it senses onsets and then bops around an constantly overdubbing buffer dynamically with key settings like pitch etc and 2 modes. it is at home equally with freaking out on rhythmic material or getting into more freely improvisatory or abstractive natures. it worked plug/play for me and i believe it is all self contained. super fun twitchy and lovingly responsive. support yourself in the cloud.


Would love to see the sequencer as m4l device! :wink::blush:

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