Max/msp (, the thread)


ooo nice - crazy how there’s still territory like this that’s still possibly unexplored. working on an fm patch rn.

have you tired implementing fm feedback in max ? unsurprisingly sending cycle~ output into number~ then back in yields no results, but some max forum ppl were talking about an implementation in gen~


if you send it through a send~/receive~ pair, you can do some feedback FM stuff, since those will automatically add a delay.

I actually didn’t attempt feedback FM for my so-close-yet-so-far-from-finished project… I think this is because I took Bristow–Chowning’s viewpoint (“feedback helps you turn an FM wave into more of a sawtooth!”) a bit at face value—if my carrier waves are triangles and pulses, I actually have plenty of those harmonics to begin with, and there are already other ways in the synth of making a very noisy sound that I’m more interested in.

In gen~ it should be a little more straightforward! the history object gives you a single-sample delay, allowing for feedback connections.


There should be a feedback fm patch in the c74 gen~ examples


it’s fun to add arbitrary delay times to fm/pm feedback with delay~ or tapin~/tapout~ :grin: