Max number of characters in a TT line?

hi, jan here, excited to be here. I ordered a TT and try to bridge the waiting time with learning its syntax. I know that there’s a six line limit for each script, but I could not find information about the maximum number of characters allowed per line. please, can someboy help?

and does anybody happen to know what the exact voltage level at a TT trig input must be in order to trigger its script?

thanks in advance!

30 characters per line.

i’m not sure of the exact trigger voltage, but i think it’s near 3v. what are you hoping to trigger it with?

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There’s a patch idea in my head in which I need more than the 4 trigger rows of the WW. So I want to use the CV outs of my WW (to be more precise: of the WW that’s going to be mine, as I’ve just recently placed my order with Monome :slight_smile: ) to trigger TT scripts.

My thinking is to take the 2 WW CV outputs into 2 TT script triggers (e.g. #1 and #2), stick the WW clock out into another TT script trigger (say #3). On each WW clock trigger the script for trigger input 3 looks at the logical states of the trigger inputs #1 and #2 and generates trigger outputs if these trigger inputs are high.

I hope this makes sense, again, this is just me trying to fill the time until I have the modules etc.