Max Patch for Controlling Drum Machines (RYTM)

Howdy-- I’ve created a new Max patch to share with anyone who wants to use it; it’s a way of creating breakbeats and manipulating them via Monome. It requires a 128 to work well, as the switches are for each voice. Right now it’s coded to work with an Analog RYTM, but it would be very simple to change the voices to work with any drum machine which uses MIDI notes to trigger voices.

There are a few versions in the repository-- “AXCL Monome” is the ‘complete’ patch. It’s fully wired up and ready to go. “AxCl” is ‘just the guts’ designed for people to modify, and ‘AxCL Wired’ is just the guts wired up to a monome.

Also in this repository is a small set of ‘readymades’-- little objects which do things like sequence, or semi-stochastic playback; ‘pre wired’ monome subpatches, etc.

I make no guarantees that this is ‘good’ or efficient code; Max has a zillion ways to do things, and I’m very much an amateur at it. But the results can be fun. I’ll post a video sometime soon illustrating the way it works, but it’s not that tough to figure out. It’s all on github! Enjoy.


As a Rytm owner, I’m definitely looking forward to that video :+1:

Sweet,I am interested in the video too!

As promised, here’s a video

It’s not really ‘musical’, it just shows off how the patch works, etc.