Max4Live Multy_Rhythm for Monome 128 /256


16 Step Sequencer for Monome 128 or 256:

  • 4 tempo divisions for each sequencer.

  • 3 play modes. Forward , backward, ping pong.

  • Hard reset button

  • Independent loop length , with independent loop start and end for each sequencer.

  • Autofocus is kind of working, between this device and other autofocus devices, but is buggy for 2 same instances of this device.


I got back to the max grid studies and ended up with this device. I bet there are better / faster tidier ways of achieving the same result, but it works all right. Some delay on midi notes not triggering until next row count restart, but overall its ok ( i think).

Multy_Rhythm_Row.pdf (460.2 KB)


Poly_Rhythm_128_Beta.amxd (1.8 MB)

Poly_Rhythm_256_Beta.amxd (3.6 MB)


Really like your device and use it quite frequently :slight_smile: so thank you!
Couple of questions/issues:

  1. Do you know why only every second row is doing something on my grid 256 vb?
  2. the LEDs on the grid and in m4l do not show the same status all the time, especially deselecting something with the mouse will not translate to the grid, same with reset
  3. any chance of you implementing shuffle? :innocent:

EDIT: sorry, now I understood the pdf! was too stupid before, so I got it :roll_eyes: thanks
for everyone else, the even rows are for the editing functionality (play modes etc) ON the grid
So 1. is answered

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