Max4Live OTO Machines DER OTO , Biscuit , BIM and BAM Controller

Hi Folks!
From my down time i have spent sometime actually getting some proper music related things done.

I have created a utility for M4L users on Ableton for people that own OTO Biscuit BAM and BIM. This responds to all MIDI CCs available on Biscuit/BAM/BIM with a GUI. If you have any suggestions or feedback please let me know. This is my first app i have built but it is fully working with my DER OTO /Biscuit/BAM/BIM (Aside from the midi CC issues i have outlined on max4live , which i will hope will be soon resolved with the hardware). << OTO BIM Controller Link << OTO BAM Controller Link << OTO Biscuit Controller Link << DER OTO Controller

If you have interest in me building one for Boum i would appreciate some donations as i cannot afford one currently so i can not test it if i build it.

Stay safe :slight_smile:


Bump as BAM controller now added :slight_smile:

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Bump Biscuit Added :slight_smile: DER OTO coming next.

Bump DER OTO added :slight_smile:

RAD thanks for sharing! Still learning Ableton and M4L (after many years of using FL Studio as my workhorse), but this is something to look forward to playing with. I have both a BAM and Biscuit.

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Thanks , I learnt this all in around 3 days. It took around a week of work in total to get it right. Glad I can give back to people. I hope I can afford a Boum sometime next year so I can make a controller for it too. I hope you get enjoyment from this and any feedback from people is greatly appreciated.

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Hi Folks , i am going to push an update of this , this week. So it is labeled properly in Ableton automation view. Thank you for your patience and i hope you are enjoying it :slight_smile:

HI! i finally updated the automation view.Please download and you’ll get the new version! It works but not overly tidy. I will improve that when i get free time. Enjoy!

Hi Folks , finally got Boum and MaxMSP.
There is now a controller for Boum too.
Please think about donating , this has taken weeks of effort to achieve for all these controllers. << OTO BOUM Controller Link

I can’t seem to edit my title post , but here the Boum link above.


Thanks for this. I have my Oto machines on the way and I really look forward to using them outboard with Ableton.