Maybe Killed my Monome 128 (water damage please help)

Aluminum 128 was in backpack, wrapped in a towel because that’s my “case” for it. Water bottle was outside the backpack but leaked at some point, somewhere. This was at least 24 hours ago. Didn’t notice the leak because I had a goddamn towel in my backpack. Went to take it out today and saw beads of water between the buttons on the aluminum case. Screws on the bottom are a bit rusted.

I have not powered it on, nor do I plan to for some time. Should I open this up? Rice it? Open rice? Leave in front of fan for hours?

Any help would be appreciated.


Don’t want to give you false hope, but monomes are pretty indestructible.

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take the device apart and let it dry. you’ll need a 1/16" hex wrench (that’s it.)

it will completely be fine. during prototype assembly we rinse the circuit boards in water after using a lot of flux.

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I’d avoid the rice method, it’s verrrrry messy and tends to get in all sorts of places and will become glutinous/sticky once it absorbs some water.

Thanks all, I took it apart last night and let it dry in front of a fan overnight. Will check in later this evening. :rolling_eyes:

if you are really worried and don’t need it for a bit, let it dry for a few days to be extra safe.

I’d echo @active - leave it to dry for a bit longer. I usually air on the side of caution and go with a few days. Doesn’t need to be in front of a fan. If it’s just water that got in it everything should be fine but if it’s not completely dried out and you turn it on damage could potentially occur.

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Sounds good. Yea I don’t need it for a few days so it’ll get some more air dry tonight.

compressed air will accelerate the drying process if you can spray out any actual moisture from the legs of chips, etc. though it’s very likely that water didn’t get inside the unit-- the only easy entry is through the USB.

the black screws should be replaced-- the black oxide does rust. e-mail and i can send you some.


@bookmil, did your 128 survive?

It did indeed! @tehn delivered with the replacement screws in incredible time. You could never tell it took a 24hr soak. :smiley:


Great. Glad to hear all ended well.