MCRP:PRCM //////// Palindrome

I really like mlr and use lots of forward-reverse combinations of audio snippets and while working on a new song i had an idea for a new MCRP.

How about trying to create songs that are palindromes?
Like being the same played forward or backwards.

I mean - it definitely is possible but probably freeking hard to arrange.
Anyone up for the challange?


How rigid? Are we talking write half a song, then flip it and stitch them together? Or sections that are palindromic I.e. intro verse chorus verse intro?

Well, that’S up to discussion.

In my mad man state of writing this post i thought about BOTH:
Each section is a palindrome and then you can write half a song with palindrome-parts and flip these arrangement over to get the second part of the track.

I will definitely try that approach whenever i have the time, MCRP or not.

But in general I wouldn’t be so strict.
Make it a palindrome, no matter how!

What counts is the result: Being able to listen to that played forwards and backwards and hearing the same tune.

So u would be up for that challenge?
Or just interested if there’s anyone stupid enough to follow my path into complete madness?

I’m down if it’s happening.

I’m both interested and stupid. So count me in :smiley:

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when this happens my song shall be called “Dogma of a foam God” (I was pretty chuffed with that!!).

\m/ Metal!!! \m/

(ok,ok, even from an ex metalhead’s point of view that’s no good)

@steveoath great titel !
Uh, now i have to think about an equally great titel myself…

I’m going with “Taco Cat”, or maybe “Finsbury Park : krapy rub snif”

So is this happening?

Some good ones on there.

\m/ Satan, oscillate my metallic sonatas \m/