Meadowphysics 2.1

modular only at the moment-- max version update coming.

get it here:


  • trigger-on-press mode toggle, accessed with 5th column of speed screen
  • speed rules. now speeds can have a range (specified with two-press, like positions).
  • rules applied to positions and/or speeds-- in rules screen left column assignment is positions, center is speeds, right selects both. by default rules act on both.

ah… just realized i should get external jack clock division in there.

speed rules are very fun and interesting. and trigger-on-press, like many of you suggested, introduces a very different way of playing (“feeling”) a looped pattern.

enjoy, and feedback welcome.


very awesome!!! thank you so much for this!

one thing I noticed with trigger-on-press: when retrigger is off for a row, it fires twice. once on press and again when counter is down.

speed ranges + rules are super cool too!!

damn, just when I should be doing other things…

This looks rad. Speed rules should open things up!

after some playing, it’s actually quite fun… is this a feature?

feature request: setting how many times a counter repeats… then ranges for that for the next retrigger… just kidding…

I’m having a great time with this beast!! :smile:

this is by design. the trigger happens when the count reaches zero. reset is conditional.

if the count were to happen at the top, rather, there would be implications for some other interactions that would be less interesting-- ie, constant simultaneity with cross-row triggering vs. interesting polyrhythms.

so yes:

ah I see, so the trigger-on-press is just an additional trigger on press, makes sense then, thanks for the explanation.
and thanks again for this great update!

can’t wait to try this out!

i was playing with the mn tempi earlier this week and was thinking that incorporating a tap tempo functionality into each counter in mp could be interesting/fun. not sure how this would work on the interface side of things - or what it means for the master clock.

Help, computer dummy here. I don’t know how to update because there is no file out of the zip called “update firmware” or similar, as in the successful 2.0 update.

Dragged such a file from the source zip to the other zip, ran it and it worked I think. This dummy feels smart for now.

Hi there-
Is there a Meadowphysics 2.0 manual? I bought a Meadowphysics (actually, I got the entire Monome system) in early December 2015. When I bought all this, I was told that MP had just been updated (to 2.0, I believe).

I’ve been confused about it’s functionality-- it appears as if the main website page for MP has instructions (and detailed videos) for a previous version of the firmware (1.0?). I’ve seen a short video for a 2.0 version (linked from the lines area) which I believe is what my MP has, but no manual or instruction set. Now there’s a 2.1?

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hi @MedievalBarber

mp 2.1 docs are my new top priority, now that ES is fixed and a few other prioritized tasks have been completed.

in the meantime, there is a video for 2.0, along with text documentation:

Just getting acquainted with Meadowphysics 2.0… before jumping in to 2.1.
When you say the rules are applied to both position and speed… if you don’t set a speed range, then it functions just as it would without a range in 2.0?

correct. you can’t set speed range in 2.0

It seems like it isn’t responding to the teletype i²c commands mp.freeze and mp.mute anymore. Any new ones for the new features (like the clock speed) added instead?

Yeah, my MP2 is also sketchy in terms of responding to TT II commands… some work some don’t.

Just got a TT and trying getting some MP commands as well. I have a USB cable on order, As I don’t know what firmaware is on the MP as I bought it used. But it seems this is still a problem. Responds to reset. Definitely doesn’t respond to mute or freeze.

Earthsea seems to be working flawless.

Any chance the MP not responding to certain commands will be addressed?

I think the freeze and mute commands are ditched since the meadowphysics 2.x fw works in a very different way. There are no more straight forward mapping of rows -> triggers. A row can trigger any trigger now so it’s ambiguous what a mute would mute, the trigger with that number or all the triggers trigged by the row with the number.

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Is there any chance this can be updated to the same features as Ansible Meadowphysics? Namely the output of note CV instead of 8 triggers

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The meadowphysics hardware only has trigger outputs so it isn’t possible to generate CV without additional hardware (if I’m understanding your question correctly).

Ok noted thanks for the info