Meadowphysics (Ansible) trigger behaviour

Just got hold of Ansible - loving it so far.

I have a question about Meadowphysics that I can’t find an answer to.

When a count finishes and triggers another count, the behaviour is different depending on whether it is triggering a row above or below.

  • When it triggers it’s own row or a row above, the count starts on the lit up position
  • When it triggers a row below, the count starts one step left of the lit up position

This results in some non-intuitive patterns

I can’t find anything in the documentation about this and the Max patch version does not behave like this. I have never used the MP module so can’t comment

I have installed the latest firmware (this behaviour was present before and after) - not sure what was installed before but noticed some updates in Kria, so not the latest.

Has anyone else noticed this? Thanks!

this sounds like you may have discovered a bug.

i’ll check it out.

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fixed this just now, will be in the impending next update

Great stuff, thanks Brian!