Meadowphysics (ansible) / triggering single steps on other rows?

( troubleshooting technical issues in one thread, i’m moving on to have difficulties with functional aspects :sleeping: :slight_smile: *feeling stupid all around )

no matter what i try, i can’t get ansible’s (e.g. first row in) meadowphysics to trigger single steps on other rows as seen in some of the videos.

the only thing that appears to work is to trigger / fire off the playback of a complete row (so not step by step) am i overseeing the obvious? is this actually not a feature or is there a passage in the documentation(s) that may help me? 've read it over and over and can’t figure it out :o


the video you’re referencing is MP version 1. version 2 has a somewhat different topology.

without having devices in front of me i can’t best explain the differences, but hopefully this vid is a start

aww, thanks again brian :slight_smile: learning the quirks one after the other (having received the ansible just yesterday).

i grasp the difference between the V1 and V2 behaviour (though i wasn’t aware of the versions) – but am i getting this right, that the 1-step-“feature”_was replaced in V2? or is it still hidden in some (sub-)setting or key/button-combination?

i’m sorry to say i don’t quite understand what you mean by single step. can you send a time in the video for me to check?

sure, thanks for looking into it:
it’s at 1:12 and states: “every row can link to other rows, causing them to count down

i can’t seem to achieve this effect. linking one row to another (at least the way i manage to do so) triggers the complete row (and resets it for instance), rather than having it progress by only 1 step (to the left). here’s a clip of what i mean:

maybe i’m misunderstanding this feature of meadowphysics all together? it does how ever seem to work in your video :slight_smile:

the “linking” is the version 1 way of thinking, where the row 1 is the “master” and you can then cascade counting down by connecting the other rows.

so, no, there isn’t an equivalent to this on version 2, which has an independent counter for every row. but rows can cross-influence one another extensively by triggering resets and rule changes for other rows.

in general version 2 is much more intuitive and (in my opinion) you can achieve a wider range of musical situations.