Meadowphysics Max app with external clock


I just bought a 128 and I’m loving it — I’ve been eyeing one for almost a decade!

The Max app package that is in the grid readme, which includes Meadowphysics, is it possible to clock/link this with Ableton? Or will it require I purchase Ansible?

I noticed there are some max for live ports but they seem to be old and I’m not very Max literate yet.


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I created that when I had m4l and Ableton 9. I don’t have either anymore to be able to test it but it used to work like a charm!

Awesome @Andrew_Sblendorio. How does this version compare with the current version here? I’m guessing if there’s been any changes in the past 2 years it wouldn’t be included in this plugin.

Oh I’m not positive but based on the pictures that’s the exact one i ported!

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