Meadowphysics Max for Live Port (beta testing?)

Hey everyone,

I ported Meadowphyiscs to Max for Live. I have it on github here:

I have only tested it on my computer with windows 7 and my grid 128 (newest edition). So I am curious to see how it works for other people. Also, I am curious to see if sharing a max for live device works well on github (it seems a little strange to me).

I’m looking for any thoughts and ideas on how to improve this.



Awesome! I can’t test now but I will soon.
One thought - would it be possible to build in hot swap/autofocus between this and Re:Mix?

had to dig it up cause I thought maybe this was included in terms but apparently it was independent work done by @elquinto

I want to compare the two

Thanks @glia for uncovering that other version.

It seems like maybe it’s an older version? The menu is a lot different, and I can’t figure out how to start the different triggers. Also, there seems to be some kind of interfacing with the teletype, based on the window that pops up called “teletype”

@shellfritsch I think that’s a good idea. Does anyone have any of the basics of adding the autofocus anywhere? If not I’ll try to take it from somewhere when I have time.

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Good catch

so apparently it was based on the previous versions of MP and teletype that were standalone (dependent) max apps

will def check yours again when I have chance

will this work without a grid?

No it will not work without a grid, the entire interface is on the grid.

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sorry I wasnt sure if there was a visual interface like some m4l sequencers

Is it solely for 128 grids,? Or would 64/push work?

push would be great!

64 grids do work. However you can’t get to some of the different rules selection that occurs on the right side of a 128.

Push would be nice, however I believe it would require a complete rewrite of the device to work with the midi specifics of the push user mode instead of the grids osc messages.

There used to be a push max for live kit that would allow you to access different parts (screen, encoders, matrix buttons) of push without having to go to user mode…i never got very far with it though.

Since we’re talking about wishes: a 16 x 8 push with encoders like the arc.

i’ve been playing around with stretta’s arc control patch and that has autofocus. haven’t tried the grid patches yet so i can’t say if it works the same way.

Ok I believe I added the autofocus functionality by copying it from the flin patch in terms.

Please let me know if it’s working on your system, I tested on windows 7 with 2016 grid 128. There it seems to be working fine, except that you need to engage the master on/off switch for the leds to show.

Here is the github link again:

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With the update, it no longer is seeing my 128 grid (2017). Can’t get any lights to turn on or anything…

Well that is not good.

Just to be clear: does your grid show up in the drop down menu?

If it does show up in the drop down, then enable the master on/off switch, and you should have lights.

If it does not show up in the drop down menu that is a problem I’d have to look into.

It shows up, however when I enable the master switch it still doesn’t work. I also have the transport going.

Interesting…I’m not having that issue and I have a couple grids I am testing it with.

Do you have the latest version of max for live and live?

Does your grid work with any of the other devices in terms?

Is anyone else getting this issue?

I cleaned up a little in the patch and deleted a stray autopattr object…maybe it was causing your conflict. I uploaded the updated version to github.

Finally had the chance to check out the compatibility with re:mix, not only does autofocus work (live 9.7.4, Windows 7) but you can send midi from meadowphysics to trigger positions in re:mix! It’s pretty wild.


@Andrew_Sblendorio thanks for this port. I’m really enjoying playing with meadowphysics. Really hypnotic. And zero issues here with a walnut 4 stage varibright grid.

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