Meadowphysics mod for grid 256

got a grid 256 and had a chance to do a quick mod for the meadowphysics firmware. no major changes, just using the 2nd half for the extra pages. this is the eurorack module version, not max.

basically, you can now use the bottom half for controlling row settings and rules. you can select which row to control here independently from the top section (and you can still use the top section as before), and it stays open. to select the settings page press on the leftmost row, and to select the rules page press on the 2nd row from the left. then you can change settings/rules as you normally would, the difference being you don’t have to hold the buttons. the rest should work as before.

256 grid is autodetected, and you can switch between 128 and 256 at any time, if you’d like (and 512 theoretically should also work). i’m attaching the hex file if anybody would like to try - just remember your presets will be gone if you flash the firmware! will appreciate any bug reports or ideas on how else the 2nd half could be used.

meadowphysics.hex (105.9 KB)

if anybody’s curious about the code here is the branch:


i don’t have a mp module (or any eurorack for that matter) but i think it would be cool to have an 8x8 routing matrix (Synthi style) in the bottom right/left, then the other 8x8 could control things like transposition, mute, solo, ect. for each row in the matrix.

i hope that makes sense.

i assume you mean for some sort of sequencing/routing/mixing application, not for meadowphysics specifically? yeah using a 256 in that way would be cool, especially if you could use it to control a matrix mixer of some sort (i’ve been hoping somebody would build a tt expander for the 4ms vca matrix…)

i was thinking for meadowphysics specifically, like every column in the matrix represents a row in the top half (every row represents an output) and u could re-route them to different outputs on the fly, and then the other 8x8 could have control duties for each output, like transpose, mute, solo, hold?

I’m not sure if this would make sense in eurorack context though since u have mixers for that type of thing.

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so a matrix for assigning outputs to rows? yeah, i like this idea (something i had on a back burner for a while is an idea of a sequencer with a built in modulation matrix, this reminds me of that).

there is no transpose in the eurorack version as it just outputs triggers and it’s up to you how to use them, but i like the idea of using one page to control multiple rows, which would be beneficial to the current functionality (where you control one row at a time) instead of just duplicating it.

a modulation matrix with sequencing sounds awesome. u could probably use per-led brightness to visualize modulation on each cell. (i bet that would look amazing)

obviously this wouldn’t be possible with meadowphysics but maybe with a few ansibles linked together it can be done?

you’d only need several ansibles if you want to have more than 4 CVs and 4 trigger outputs (and you’d need to control them from a teletype to use them together). but maybe i misunderstood?

found and fixed some bugs [the hex file in the original post updated]:

  • in preset mode pressing anywhere in the bottom half caused freezing
  • changing rules/settings also changed the current row
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This is great!
I got it working without any problems on my 256.
I’ll let you know if i run into any bugs or anything unusual or unexpected.
Thank you very much for your effort, it’s nice to finally get a bit extra out of having 256 instead of a 128 with the modules.

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This. Is. Awesome.

Thank you so much for the time and effort you have poured into this and Orca.

Dusted off my 256:


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That’s awesome! is there a 256 mod for white whale? Might be on the look out for a Meadowphysics.

yep, was going to look into modding ww next.

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Would it be possible to see your sourcecode?
I’m trying to learn and it would be very helpful!

of course, just like the original firmware it’s open source.

here is the branch:

and here is the diff so you can easily see the mod itself:

it’s a pretty straight forward mod, the implementation was intended to be done in the way that would have minimal impact on the original code. will be happy to help with any questions!

one thing i realized i didn’t add was a proper support for non vb 256. is that something that would have enough interest? adding that would result in a lot of duplicated code [or refactoring some of the original code, which i’m trying to avoid].

I have a non vb walnut 256. I’d definitely make use of this, but I’m not sure just me would justify a bunch of your valuable time.

it’s actually not as bad as i thought, should be able to add it easily!

looks like i don’t need to do anything extra for meadowphysics - it calls the same function for both VB and non VB, so you should be able to use this version. for white whale it does have a separate function for non VB, i’ll make sure the 256 mod will support both.

Cool! I give the meadowphysics a try when i’m back to my studio next week.

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