Meadowphysics module trigger length

i noticed that on my meadowphysics, when the clock speed is low (first <= 25% of the throw), the length of the triggers increase-- so much that i’d say it’s more of a short gate than a trigger. going to about > 25-35% of the throw, the trigger length shortens and behaves closer to what you’d expect.

i found this when i was triggering an external drum machine with the meadowphysics. at any low clock speed, i get double triggers from the rising and falling edges of the trigger-- above the threshold mentioned above, the double trigger issue disappears.

anyone else experienced this or can confirm it? you can see it represented visually via the meadowphysics LEDs as well.

the trigger length on meadowphysics follows the clock pulse length (i think the internal clock duty cycle is 50/50).

double triggering could be to some threshold in the drum machine? sounds like it triggers on both the positive and the negative edge, and ignores any triggers that are too close for jitter protection. or could be that it triggers on positive edge, but the falling edge creates a small spike that is interpreted as another trigger.

could put it through something like maths to convert to short triggers. i’m also thinking about doing a hack to have a variable trigger length:

your first sentence solves that. it doesn’t double trigger when the pulse width is small, so ultimately it isn’t an issue … just seems like a strange design choice.

choosing trigger length would be useful.