Meadowphysics: New Documentation

With new diagrams. Surely will help you understand MP to the fullest. It’s a module with extraordinary possibilities.

Wonderful! Thank you!

this is a much appreciated effort, tehn!
makes the existing work that you guys have done already much more accessible, and makes me love my meadowphysics even more.

Every time I sit down to write / update these documentation snippets I always learn / intuit so much more about these modules & concepts. Something about working through how to express these ideas to a less-programmer oriented users unveils some of the more musical uses.

This is just to say I hope the new docs are helpful and let you realize the musical potential in some small new way.

PS. I hope y’all like my little Japanese sparkle sparkle

This is great!

I always see so many uses with Meadowphysics but know I am just scratching the surface. I will have to read over this and see what inspires me.

Nice also to have it work with the Grid64, keeps my 128 purchase a few months away.

(btw. first post on Lines) :grinning:

Is there any interest in adding a “mute” mode to MP? I’m not sure what gesture would be used for this, but basically it would cause the channel to not output triggers when it reaches 0. The aim is to be able to bring in parts in to the arrangement without having to pull patch cables or use another module. The part would continue to participate in rules even when muted so that the overall preset remains the same.

Good idea.
I would be interested in that.

nor i. but i’d be up to implement it if there was a sensible/intuitive gesture. it could be a “long hold” somewhere? or maybe progressively touching the left three keys (like how 1 is route, 2 is rule, 3 could be mute)

How about left edge key (as per all controls) + the rightmost key to mute that row. Do the same to unmute it.

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That seems like a good choice.

It would also be good if there was a brightness indicator of this, like a dimmer chase light.

agreed on both. i’ll get this into the next update!

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Awesome :slight_smile: Thanks a lot!

Looking forward!

I might also add, that being able to mute the top row could be really cool as well, as a way of just stopping the whole sequence…
In terms of live use this would be very handy to be able to do without the need to plug the dummy cable in the clock input.

yes-- the mute would apply to all rows. otherwise the design flow would get messed up.

now though-- what does “mute” mean? does it mean that it simply doesn’t send a trigger output to the jack? (my assumption was this.) the other way of thinking of this is that a muted row doesn’t get counted down, which is a totally different (and very interestingly disruptive) behavior-- as suggested by the “stop the whole sequence”

In my initial suggestion it’s the former, I still want the overall pattern of counts to be processed as normal, just no triggers coming from the muted row. The latter is also interesting, but a different feature.

Do you think that the logic of it would be “broken” if the mute feature was implemented as per @kisielk’s original suggestion (sequence continues with all the links and behaviors, but the final trigger is disabled) EXCEPT for the top row, which just stops the whole thing?..

The top row is already somewhat different from the rest, so a slightly different behavior might be justified, and not confusing.

(as an alternative possibility)

If we were to stick with the logic of “mute disables the trigger, while the mechanism continues” then muting the top row could function as a form of “meta mute”: disabling triggers on ALL rows, while keeping the whole mechanism alive…
Which sounds like a pretty “clean” solution to me :smile:

What do you think?

It would still be nice to be able to mute just the top row. I think there would need to be a separate combination to stop everything.

Are we saying that a muted row will not trigger the other rows that are dependent on it? just that it doesn’t send an external trigger?

if its the fomer, I am not sure why its different from stopping the row completely, but if we can stop an individual trigger but still affect the other rows that are dependent on it, I see that being more musically useful.

also muting the top row would just stop the whole thing? or am I getting it wrong?