Meadowphysics vs Ansible's meadowphysics


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Couldn’t find in a search so what are the differences between the 2 versions? Or are they identical?

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Modular Rig Advice

In particular:

The version for Ansible has a few changes from the version 2 (which is an update from version 1)– primarily in that this new version can map a scale of notes to the individual row triggers. Those linked docs will give some additional insight (though perhaps also some confusion) prior to the completion of the material below.


Thanks i dont have the meadow physics but I have the feeling it is more “complete” that the Ansible version. Really what I’m trying top figure out is is it still worth purchasing a meadophysics module


the MP module has a clock knob.

Ansible has a CV output mode where MP can actually output notes, so it has more features than the MP module.

but that clock knob could be useful.


The clock knob is super useful for using MP as a master clock for a whole system. Easy tempo change gives you an extra hands on element of control/composition.

I run Teletype, two Ansibles, and an Earthsea - I still find Meadowphysics a complete and necessary part of my setup.


The other cool thing about the MP clock knob is that when externally clocked, it acts as a clock divider/multiplier


I use the knob regularly when syncing the eurorack to other stuff as the drum machine or the circlon as well as without external clock just to easily set it right by hand. Or as I mostly use it to trigger teletype to just speed something up for testing/trying things out and then dial it back to the correct speed.

Also I did not fully understand the CV matching of Ansible’s meadowphysics mode and never use it. So I am glad that I kept MP when I switched to Ansible.


can it actually multiply external clock? i thought it was division only.


No, it multiplies too - I would not swear how exact it is, especially at the edges, but it is working good for my purposes.


interesting! i should check it out…


After looking at this thread might have to get a MF just because that clock control!


If interested, I have one that have been sadly sitting in its own box, since I have started a downsizing operation on my system :confused:


I seen you may have a meadow physics ?
for sale
How much would you like for it?