Mechanical Sound Sculpture



add more to this list!

wonderful organic sounds coming from this little machine:

Mark Hayward - Breathing Ribs

Obsolete / esoteric / non-synth electronics research
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Pierre Bastien

saw him performing with a similar setup last week. beautiful stuff.


I also wanted to post a piece by Peter Kädergård I saw at the Valand Academy Masters Exhibition in Gothenburg earlier this year, it was fantastic but I can’t find any video of it:




Hans Beckers - Sonare Machina:


And then there’s The Goodiepal and his mechanical bird.


these are amazing. super cool thread. musical magic.


Stephen Cornford - Binatone Galaxy


Nicolas Bernier - Frequencies (a)


Mo H. Zareei


Adam Basanta - The Sound of Empty Space



Kyouei design - musical table

Kyouei design - pendulum sound machine


Dave Cole - The Music Box


@analogue01 here’s another one by him that i quite liked:


this zimoun compilation is achingly beautiful!



Jean-Pierre Gauthier - Ceci n’est pas une machine


Bastl Instruments - Bastl Rack


Love this thread!
Like a more sophisticated sister to the [Homemade Instruments][1] :smile:
[1]: Homemade instruments