Mechanical Sound Sculpture




veeeeeeeeeeeery nice!
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not really mechanical, but…

Zammuto Sound - Spoonbox

Zammuto Sound - Bass Projector


David Bloor - piano recital


Collaboration project between Moog Music Inc and Yuri Suzuki


really cool posts in this thread.

i guess these aren’t super sculptural but the pieces people posted above reminded me of them:

buddha machines - little ambient loop boxes

a documentary on the people who created them:

this is neat too:


Gieskes - Maglevdrummer


David Bowen - cloud piano




Nice, but so sad that it existed primarily to sell vodka… strange world we live in.


Think of it as patronage: Perhaps not the “pure” sense of I just give you money as I like your work, but then again, I’m pretty sure the Medici’s patronage included the stipulation that the works ended up in their homes or places associated with the Medici name. And even Bach’s livelihood was dependent on promoting a church activity. All in all, other than “Absolut paid for this”, the work was pretty un-encumbered.


True, and perhaps I’m being to idealist by finding it an issue. I guess it just doesn’t sit well that companies use art just to adjust their image, and that often this is the only steady revenue stream for many artists.

From this I found their general promotional vid that also included Teenage Engineering:

“In an Absolut world would machines be creative” - what complete nonsense…

It all just feels like another bad side-effect of capitalism that’s been normalised.


Jace Clayton talks about that in his book.

He was really bothered by Red Bull early in his career. Later he came to appreciate their help. He speaks eloquently about the ethical dilemma.


i put together a short movie of an installation called “slow machines” at slowSD, a slow music festival. this is bryan jacobs’ mechanical creation. all the gear activity on the floor very slowly, very gently, draws a bow across the strings; a faint whisper of sound in between the rhythmic dropping gears.

across the room is the other half of the installation, an electroacoustic sound generator by colin zyskowski. its haunting chords and rough textures blended really well with the violin machine. picture via ucsd:




I made this thing as a prototype a few years ago:

It has an Arduino inside it, and I can upload new songs to it. If I’d had time, I wanted to re-purpose all the front controls to do things. But for now it’s just a little experiment.


Also, these are traditional Indonesian instruments that are played mechanically. I worked for the artist for a few years. Not quite as original as a lot of the stuff in the thread (lots of people have robotized Gamelan) but I’m a fan of the aesthetic.