Mechanical Sound Sculpture




ICYMI: the awesome Octoplayer by bay area artists thad povey and mark taylor:


and A Sound Garden by doug hollis, well worth seeing/hearing if you’re in seattle on a windy rainy otherwise terrible day (as it “sounds” in terrible weather :wink: bring your wind baffle )


I just watched that video and thought some people here would probably be interested. I did not know the artist before but even though his interfaces are different from the Monome gear, I think it has a similar vibe in terms of focusing on the interface as a physical instrument.

Just heavier instruments :slight_smile:

“The One-Man Industrial Doom Metal Band”

And here’s a live video (watching it now, I actually really like it) :


I dig his stuff quite a bit.

These masks are wild as well:



hello friends! i’m pleased to finally be able to share a piece that i’ve been working on for some time. this version premiered just a couple of weeks ago.


great stuff…sort of industrial hurdies. was the sound purely accoustic or were pickups involved?


thank you! no, no pickups or amplification here. just a stereo pair in the room near the ‘soundboard’. it was pretty wild in there!


here an instrument i build many years ago:


another old work but with a interessting sound:


A good one I saw in Denmark a while back


Constructed for the Bakken Museum of Electricity. This project uses the sun to create and ever changing auditory landscape. As the sun passes overhead, small solar actuators harvest the energy and propel sounds through the large megaphone structure.

This project was a collaboration between Daniel Dean, Emily Stover, and myself. Construction of the steel and wood was carried out by TandemMade in Minneapolis.

And more from my collaborator, Daniel Dean, taking the idea further in conjunction with a kids workshop to build the electronics:




Tvísöngur by Lukas Kühne in East Iceland is supercool. You can go in there and sing or play or hum or otherwise resonate – no moving parts except you and the landscape. It’s a trek to get to but worth it :slight_smile: I had some great luck – just as I got there a girl was singing an Icelandic folk song, and later, some loud birds were dive-bombing the place. If you’re planning your road trip it’s in Seyðisfjörður.



Nice one i saw at Aarhus International Supernoise Festival 2017

just a little phone video but there’s probably some better footage and info on his site…