MEDIUM 2020 (Day-long New Years Drone)

In 1997 Brent Gutzeit, Doug Lussenhop and Todd Carter started an open drone project called MEDIUM. Most years on New Years Day they form an ensemble to do a day-long drone. In recent years we’ve been experimenting with streaming it online.

This year we’re consolidating a number of streams from MEDIUM ensembles around the world and broadcasting the mix live on

We might have a couple stream slots open still if anyone is interested in joining on New Years Day!

The score for MEDIUM is:


Generally the stream will probably be silent until New Years Day but I’m doing a soundcheck / practice drone tonight (right now) and some other folks may join in later on as well.

PM me for more info if you’d like to join!

Here are some excerpts from the 2000 edition featuring todd carter, fred lonberg-holm, ernst karel, liz payne, michael hartman, michael anderson, philip von zweck, brent gutzeit, doug lussenhop, nathaniel braddock and jason soliday.


Rad. I remember coming to one of these years ago with a crappy casio and some duct tape. It was up on the second floor of some space on Chicago Ave. but I can’t remember where. How I do miss the chitown music scene. :metal: :metal: :metal: :muscle: :muscle: :muscle:


We’re almost 15 hours into the drone now, it’s starting to feel like 2020. Happy new year!