Meebleeps Freaq FM

I just picked up this kit and hope it integrates into my ever-expanding tabletop setup. I’ll probably try to swap out the lighted switches and 8x8 led matrix with some other colors. Hopefully the matrix is compatible with the ones readily available from Adafruit.

I look forward to having it sit on my desk and play some generative bleeps and bloops. I should probably dig into the manual, but I have plenty of time as I think this is shipping from Australia.

It’s a two operator FM synth capable of playing two notes at a time. I haven’t heard it get percussive, but I think the ops can generate noise.

No, MIDI might be a bummer, but it does have sync in and I have an RK – 006.


Oooh, this really tugs on the build-it-yourself small desktop synth heartstrings. Now to spend too much time looking up all the demo videos and sounds.

I’ll be sure to post up a video when I get it hooked into my setup. I might try to swap the matrix LED for another color.

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