Meeting You Between Spring and Summer

hi everyone, hope you’re well. wanted to very humbly share a new album I just released titled ‘Meeting You Between Spring and Summer’

welcome any feedback (good/bad/constructive/heckling/whatever).

this was a weird, difficult record to make on a few different levels. a big theme is a slow-motion snapshot of mid last year. the joy finally seeing everyone come out of lockdown last spring, getting to meet and re-connect with friends, family, even strangers for the first time, then seeing it all unravel toward the end of summer. I also personally had a bad accident (it’s ok, better now) in July, and I recorded and arranged most of this at home in the weeks after I got out of the hospital. it’s certainly an outlet for trauma on some levels, but (I hope) ultimately optimistic and loving.

i guess if any of you have any questions on methods or hardware happy to try and answer them. honestly the instruments/gear themselves felt more like vessels for my mental state (and maybe pain levels) at the time versus other work I’ve done. I’d describe this creative process as like fugue intentionality. other than track 7 I didn’t use any sequencing or MIDI, mostly asynchronous loops, live playing, and some field recordings. I also tracked and mixed a lot of it pushing more harmonic distortion than I’ve used in the past, which felt right for it and ultimately i think serves the music.

kindest thanks to Raf (BlackKnoll) for mastering this and helping me shape and discover the right dimension for it, and my friend Alice Roberts for the lovely harp on “Tree Blossoms.” making it brought me a lot of peace and hopefully it does the same for others, happy to finally be able to share it + thanks to you for reading/listening