Meng Qi Wing Pinger

Beautiful new instrument from Meng Qi. built around two interconnected 4-pole resonant low-pass filters. Generates lovely sine-y blips and bloops. also has built in comparator, shift-register, and counters. Love it, something like double knot meets the blippoo box


Beautiful looking and sounding, thank you for posting! I’ll die with my DPLPG. I love Meng Qi’s work.

Curious about the dials and other sounds, along with the enticing CV i/o. Any link anywhere on this?

Figure it’s worth posting a large screen grab of the panel:


more info and videos at the main page:


This sounds amazing! Well done again @MengQiMusic love your work

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Looks really great. It may be obvious, but the sounds are familiar to those of the twin peak filters (epoch&klangbau) which is a great thing.

This may be obvious, too, but would love to hear about availability and pricing.


Love the layout of the thing, the colors and the knobs… congratulations @MengQiMusic
Sounds are beautiful by the way. Would also love to hear about pricing and timeline :slight_smile:


Ditto on pricing and timeline. This could satisfy my Double Knot lust

Thank you for posting and love! :pray:

To clarify:

  1. The STEP modulation signal has a specially weighted ratio. (compared to the even ratio from R-2R DACs, like Rungler or Double Knot) You dial the modulation depth to get the tonal patterns. The position will be marked on the dial. There is no quantizer, Wing Pinger is entirely analog.

  2. Wing Pinger filter design shares no circuit similarity with Twin Peaks.

I am currently on the plane to Germany. Will continue development when I get back Beijing. Price TBA.



Thanks for the info, interesting to hear more! Was just remarking offhand about the Twin Peak, I didn’t think there was any real similarity beyond, well, being a twin filter that pings very well. :ok_hand:

This looks and sounds really great. Definitely looking forward to pricing/availability info :slight_smile:


Great, best of luck. This instrument looks very promising.

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Color me interested in this, I love these types of boxes. (I just finished putting together a similar 40X Pod…)

Care to share what’s in your Pod? :slight_smile:

I took your words as compliments. :wink: Twin Peak is phenomenal, I have two Blippoo Boxes.

Thanks everyone, I am about to arrive at Germany very soon, if you happen to be here these days, you can come to play Wing Pinger prototype, the tour schedule is on my website.



Looking forward to reading more about it and seeing how it develops, @MengQiMusic. It looks like a lot of love went into it, combining your influences into something that is yours.


Hmm, I’m interested in this but just noticed the prototype uses banana jacks, will there be a version using 1/8" jacks?


I’m just waiting to get the the Sloths from Andrew, he sent it from Australia yesterday. I’m having a blast with just the Benjolin, TP, and delay. (I also did the mod to the Benjolin to increase the output of the filter, which has been great.) The plan is to patch it up and let it record for hours at a time, finding the sweet spots that the Sloths creates.


Looks good, but how can you get it to generate pentatonic patterns like the mengqi?

You can’t. I’m not saying they’re equivalent, just similar. It’s not exactly the same as a real Blippoo, either, but they’re of the kind of small, experimental box that I love. Unless the price is astronomical I’ll buy one of the Meng Qi units, too. :slight_smile:

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This sounds like some secret sauce. I’m really interested to understand this circuit.