Meng Qi Wing Pinger

:green_heart: thank you Jonny! I consider a standalone instrument a more complete presentation of the designer’s idea and aesthetics than a module, as not only functions are to be designed, but also the patch. I’ve been a long term fan of masterpieces from Buchla, Peter, Rob, Tom, Will etc, and Wing Pinger is my take on a standalone instrument, it’s very important to me.

My design goal is to maintain traditional musical elements like melodies and harmonies in a non traditional, chaotic instrument. And the ability to morph seamlessly between tonal and atonal sounds with a quick and intuitive interface, to offer huge expression freedom for musicians.


Yes there will be 1/8 version.

It’s a carefully tuned voltage summing circuit, thanks to E96 series and precision resistors.


This looks extremely interesting :black_heart:


Looks and sounds fantastic @MengQiMusic, hope we see more of the Wing Pinger soon :slight_smile:


Hainbach with Meng Qi discussing the Wing Pinger:


Great discussion between @MengQiMusic and Hainbach. Was there a reverb added to sound demos? That aside, great sounding instrument and awesome presentation. Looking forward to exploring one soon.

Yeah, in the video there is. Around 13 mins Hainbach reaches in and add more.

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i can’t wait to watch this later

i am enamored. call it gas, call it what you will. this sounds like an incredible design straddling such fascinating territory. i haven’t been in the ciat lonbarde game for a very long time… but sidrax may need to return and these looks sooooo complimentary.

all the hearts for meng qi. i don’t have enough hearts to send to meng qi. deepest respect!


I’ve been bugging peter about bring back his stuber design (since he hinted at doing just that on the DDD site) for a long while
and this honestly might have to fill that spot
although I’ll miss the additional 2 highpass filters and all the individual CV outputs it offered

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Really loved the discussion in that video, especially around the idea of a fixed instrument vs a modular system. Good talk too about how a patch can become an instrument.


That Hainbach video was great. It’s got me thinking that if I get a Pinger then maybe I no longer have to track down an elusive Epoch Twinpeak.

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this looks like the kind of thing i could lock myself in a room with for years. excited for further details.


Beautiful concept, and beautifully executed based on that Hainbach video alone. Can’t wait to get one.

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This is the only new thing being shown at Supwrbooth that I find interesting. I definitely like the ideas behind this!

More Wing Pinger!


Any more scuttlebutt on this? I’m eagerly looking forward to it…


It’s still several months away. Price still undetermined.

I have been listening to the Meng Qi/Hainbach video today and I could not help but notice that little noise of delight the latter made when he first started playing the WP and hit a sweet spot. You can’t fake that. Very telling.

It truly looks and sounds like an instrument. Complete unto itself and made to be played.

I look forward to learning more. And now I’m off to watch the v2 prototype video a few more times.


i can’t wait to hear a demo with the trigger outs being used… truely seems like a complete instrument, but the opportunity for interaction as well is almost too exciting to me :cold_sweat:

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