Meng Qi Wingie

Starting a thread to talk about the Wingie stereo resonator. Mine just landed and The first thing I did was test the mics by blowing and singing into them. It sounds beautiful! Next, I ran Shnth into the line in. Some really cool drones get going with steamchaser type patches. I like that there is a mix knob to blend in the source material. So much fun! The description also says it can be a development board so I’m excited to see what everyone will do with it. Thank you @MengQiMusic !

Meng Qi Wingie

Wingie Manual

About the ESP32-A1S

So how are you using your Wingie? Please discuss patching tips and tricks, as well as cool things you find for source sounds.


Mine also arrived this afternoon and I had about 40 minutes with it before I had to go back to work. To test it out, I plugged the stereo out of my Plumbutter into the line-in, since the PB has strong stereo separation, and plugged an orange 4Roll into one Gongue, chaining its gray out into the other Gongue so I’d get two interrelated rhythms. Since these are basically filter pings themselves, I turned the resonance way down so they were producing little clicks for Wingie.

The Wingie actually works pretty well as a more tonal Gongue, and I really liked the way the PB’s “drunken drummer” rhythms play with the Wingie’s arpeggiator. Since the arp-able modes use volume thresholding to advance to the next note (retriggering the current note for quieter pings), I was actually able to get some decent control over the two voices by playing the Gongue volume knob.

Of course using the stereo out of the PB for this means that I can’t use it as anything other than a Wingie controller, so this probably isn’t too practical, but it was a good way to quickly try out a lot of stuff and now I have a better idea of what sounds and behavior I want to get back to.


I just put one on pre order - such a cool design. I’ll admit that I don’t know too much about it but I am a big fan of meng qi so I expect I will be happy.


there’s an arpeggiator?

(yeah i’ve had about 5 minutes with my wingie)


Maybe “sequence” is more accurate? In the Bar and String modes, if you simultaneously press multiple buttons, Wingie will play those notes in sequence (as long as it’s getting loud enough pings; softer pings will replay the previous note), and you can use the octave switches to change the sequence octave. I want to say it always plays the notes from lowest to highest in these modes since all notes have to be entered simultaneously, so if you’re always pinging loud enough to change the note value, it sounds like a simple arpeggio to me. [EDIT: Nope! The notes in these modes play in the order you press-and-hold them. Definitely more of a sequence than an arpeggio.]

Poly mode will make a chord of the last 3 buttons pressed (so press a note 3 times to always get a single note), and adjusting the octave switches does not transpose the notes, so you can pick your 3 notes from across the 3 available octaves (Left’s range starts one octave lower than Right’s).

Special mode is the most mysterious since it doesn’t use the keyboard for notes. I believe what it does is selectively mute/unmute different harmonics in the generated sound. Not all note buttons do anything in Special mode, so reference the picture in the manual.


wow i didn’t even realize there was a manual. good morning!


Following this thread and hoping mine will arrive sometime this week. Thanks for the tips and observations so far…


Mine should be here Tomorrow according to UPS.
Very excited to play with it.


mine just arrived!! thanks so much for sharing the manual, had no idea it existed but there seems to be some neat stuff in there (: leaving on a small road trip tmrw cant wait to bring it along!!


okay after roughly sorting out the modes (yeah, not entire sure how “special/muting” works) i gave a Wingie a more typical uh flight with my skiff. the manual says don’t just plug yr euro level right in and that’s right, a very trimmed signal from a tangle channel did suffice tho. this does lose stereo Winging, but maybe later i’ll just pair with this borrowed Coco and see what emerges there.

yeah this is something I gripped to pair with a yet-to-arrive Plumbutter so I’m a little ticked more than a couple of us are looking at that pairing for Wingie.

also definitely a fun little thing to go with these crank sturgeon stereo pair contact mics.


Hmm, I might be crazy, but for some reason my left mic is extremely sensitive and sends out wonderful value and pinging, while my right mic essentially sends out/pics up no value. I have tried changing modes and that hasn’t really done anything to alleviate the problem.

Any tips?

I’m also curious if this is essentially assumed functionality. I could just be getting exactly what its meant for here.

One last question; is there a sort of “factory reset” concept here? Like, set it back to how it was originally unboxed?


Thanks for creating this thread @corpusjonsey—I’m looking forward to updates here and hopefully contributing some myself. Mine arrived today and I’ll hopefully be able to mess around with it this evening!

Edit: At first glance in the manual, the modes don’t seem clear cut, but I’ll ask about them if I can’t figure them out.


I believe all params are reset on power cycle. The mics on mine are even. Does the imbalance also happen with the line in?


I haven’t had a chance to use line in at the moment. I hopefully will have some time tonight. Fingers crossed!!!

Thanks for the input tho, since that mic is really low and might be an indication of something wrong.

Cool! You also might make sure each side is set to the same octave when you test the mics remembering that:

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Yeah, I had tried to work around that, I actually would isolate the right mix and the right output, but it’s pretty off. Fingers crossed it’s not outright not working right!!!

In ayour estimation, what would be a good audio source to test with? A percussion? A tone?

The one thing I can think of would be if you had the left channel in Special mode, and then muted everything, the channel would seem unresponsive, but it is possible to do that if you’re just pressing buttons. You wouldn’t be in a state like that if you’d just turned it on though, and if you hit the left Mode button, it would start responding again.

Definitely want to try percussive sounds to get the most response out of the filters.

I had tried power cycling it and continued to get the issue, and even had the issue when changing modes. The sound was there but it was incredibly faint in comparison to the left mic. Essentially, I could hear the sound but it was but a faint FAINT whisper behind the left channel.

my mics also seem unbalanced!! left mic seems normal right mic seems incredibly faint in comparison.
both channels sound beautiful & even when using the line in, which is mostly how i plan on using it so the mic thing doesnt really bother me personally.
but ya, all the solder joints and everything seem good so idk!

i adore it tho (: so fun exploring all the lil sweet spots… its a dream to play!! took a walk with it out in the wind & was absolutely mesmerized.

So, I’m sadly I don’t get the right filter at all, either through the mic or the line. That’s a bummer, but I get it. I’m going to message Meng Qi and see what he says. I think there’s still a chance I’m not using it right…

Yeah, bummer, turns out the whole right channel is busted… I’ll reach out to Meng.

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