Meng Qi Wingie

Finally hooked a Roland UM-ONE to a 5 pin → trs adapter, and have Rozeta sending note & env duration midi into the Wingie, while it listens to the busy road we live next to. This is delightful. Next iteration: to ring mod wingie’s output, possibly influenced by a follower.


Trying to fill in the blanks on the midi spec. To switch modes via midi CC0 the following value ranges seem to work here for me.

0 to 30 = Polyphony (White)

31 to 63 = String (Yellow)

64 to 95 = Bar (Red)

96 to 127 = Cave (Purple)

And in action…


Hello, just wanted to let anyone who’s curious know, I’ve had my Wingie and a Keystep plugged into an old Monoprice 20,100 mAh power bank for several hours now, and it’s still showing 4/4 bars of capacity. The Wingie by itself draws enough power to keep the unit from auto shutting down, but the actual draw seems negligible.

Also, the cheat notes don’t mention that each channel is adjustable for the mix, decay time, and volume sliders by side, so if you’ve got a controller, you can program ch 1 cc 11, 1, and 7 to control the left side and ch 2 cc 11, 1, and 7 to control the right.

ALSO, if you’ve got a midi keyboard hooked up, the range of notes is much higher and obviously the octave switches don’t really matter. This probably comes as no surprise but I was happy to discover it.


this is mostly a proof of concept jam setup but as with orig wingie i love that i can do it on my bed with usb power for all three devices. there’s an orig wingie and a mosstone i’ll be working in too, maybe on a table or something.

i love the case, the keys, the lights, the sliders. i haven’t done the firmware update yet, and i will likely be doing the gain mod Meng Qi notes above (this is a big feedback setup, on purpose).

I would definitely like to get 100% wet on the mix, but i’m cruising now anyway.


having the same problem

if i’d known the price i mightve impulsively bought from the first batch

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@hawksquill If you hear the (distorted) dry sound coming from the output with 100% wet setting, it means the input signal is too hot. (In this scenario, you would also hear the line input sound when input is switched to Mic)

Lowering your input signal level would solve it.

As for manual, I am working on it, it should be ready this week and I’ll put it online then.

Thank you all for the great music, words and help! :notes:


Thank you for the inspiring instrument, I’ve had a blast with it so far and can’t wait to dive further into it!

Also, here’s a short clip of Wingie processing the Soma Ether, just waving it around on my desk. It’s pleasing on its own but I’m really excited to sample and further process this raw material!


I can vouch that this setup is the absolute business.

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first actual session with the Wingie 2…actually two Wingie 2s.
norns scripts running into both…one using Awake-Mod and the other running @jaseknighter Flora.
both audio and MIDI connected to the Wingie 2s.
additional noiz support from a Meng Qi Sidrazzi and an Mbase11.


are there any tutorials out there, either version?

Oof, good call using Norns sequencers to run the midi note mode. Definitely a fantastic sound design and melodic design tool!


Will Wingie accept MIDI via its USB port as well, or only through the dedicated 1/8" midi jack? I’ll admit, I’ve been way too busy just playing around with it, but I should probably get started on the cable-buying journey if I’m going to use an ipad-centric midi setup with my other instruments.

I also notice that I only get stereo output if I have my aux cable popped out slightly in the line out, but I need to experiment a lot more before I can tell if the line-out is broken or I’m just dumb about cables in some way?

I think it’s possible there are too many ways to transmit different kinds of electricity.

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Occasionally … when playing long (hours) ambient jams, the Wingie 2 will hit some VERY high pitches when being fed random MIDI notes to either MIDI ch 1 or 2. I haven’t quite nailed down if my sequencer (M8) is spitting out something strange or if something is going on in the generation of the resonance onboard the Wingie. The audio is short pulses of white noise being fed into the Wingie via a Bluebox CUE mix. MIDI is from the M8 via TRS through an RK006. I haven’t had MIDI note issues from other devices … so I don’t know if this is a random Wingie specific thing. The MIDI functionality is still a bit of a mystery to me. It doesn’t seem to respond to certain note ranges.


Fantastic and amazing piece if kit!! On the Wingie 1 vibe, I have been attempting to record the Wingie through my Android smartphone. I am attempting this at the moment because I don’t have my field recorder with me. I do get a signal and the Wingie can be heard, but what I seem to be getting in the signal is a constant rhythmic interference and high pitch. I have it plugged into my smartphone via the supplied Wingie cable through a USB ‘on the go’ adapter. I have also tried the Wingie powered through my MacBook and connecting a MaleTRS lead from the Wingie outputs to a TRS to TRRS Rode adapter into the phone jack…however I am still getting that constant interference. Wondered if anyone out there has a solution or an idea as to how to get round this?? Any help or advice is much appreciated. Cheers.


Try a ground loop isolator, something like this


Wingie 2 will hit some VERY high pitches when being fed random MIDI notes to either MIDI ch 1 or 2.

Yes, fast note change + big interval would cause loud noises (watch out for your ear) and eventually break the resonators if you keep it for a long time (power cycle would fix it). That’s one of the reasons I didn’t implement the tap sequencer (which can be very fast with certain type of input audio + threshold setting) for the MIDI input.

It doesn’t seem to respond to certain note ranges.

It should respond to all notes (0-127), let me know if you find an unresponsive range or if missing notes happen in certain scenarios, I’ll do my best to fix it.

The frequency of the resonators are limited to 16kHz top. So a very high note like C7 ≈ 4186Hz would only have the first 3 correct harmonies in String mode, and from the 4th harmony it would all be 16kHz. Maybe I should just mute all resonators that hits 16kHz if that improves anything. :thinking:

And for a very low note like C0 ≈ 32.7Hz the highest resonator would just be 294.3Hz (String mode, 9x the base frequency) So anything above that, such as a sawtooth wave at C5, will do nothing with it.

In short, resonators don’t go well with very low & high pitches. For example the Ableton Live resonator limits base frequency from C-1 to C5, that’s about 6 octaves, half of MIDI note range, and its decay range is also considerably lower.

I chose to open a boarder range of parameters for those who may want to experiment. It’s suggested to limit the output of external MIDI input to suit your musical taste.


Please contact the retailer if you there’s a hardware fault on your unit.

Again thank all of you for the help and great music. Nice find @UMCorps @Durdee ! Manual is on the way…


Thanks for the detailed response. It’s probably some kind of accumulation in the resonators. I’m sending 3 MIDI notes on CH1 and CH2 roughly every phrase at 110BPM … so I’m not sending anything too quickly. I am running it for hours at a time as ambient background music so maybe something gets unhappy after long periods of time.

I’ll keep an eye on it and power cycle it once it becomes too “pingy”.

@MengQiMusic I love the sound of Wingie 2, just got mine. Is it possible to do midi over USB? That would be so useful :slight_smile: Thanks.

Here’s a small Wingie-thing that I did today. Just Friends into Wingie with tap sequencer and some Magneto shifted echoes and reverb. And sausage fingers.


Wingie2 arrived today, tried it a lil bit with a couple of crappy adapters, I’m waiting for two proper Y cables…
I powered it with my laptop, it’s ok to power Wingie2 with Norms I guess, correct? And any USB wall adapter is ok? Thx :slight_smile: