- online waveform generator

I’d like to share my recent project, which is a waveform generator that resembles a spirograph: / waves . Here’s a quick video demo:

The app works online and should work on both desktop and mobile devices.
It’s still in early stages, it could use more features or bug fixes :upside_down_face: if there’s enough interest, I’d like to continue working on it. Most of the app is free, some features are for supporters only; asking for donations is a way for me to see how many people find this thing useful.

I’ve recently added frequency modulation, which was exciting and a bit mind bending; it opens new territories, both sonically and visually. Announcement plus demo:

Thanks for checking this out, hope you enjoyed it. If you have any feedback or a feature request, I’d love to hear it.


can this be controlled from an external input? Analog oscillator to soundcard, then to software? Would love to use that feature for drawing waveshape. Cheers!

Unfortunately this isn’t possible in the current version. One day I’d love to do a native implementation, perhaps an iplug2 version, with real time audio and the option to accept external signals. But it would take me a lot of work so no ETA yet.

Please :blue_heart: Spencer_Salmon’s comment if you want that too, the more people want external input, the sooner I’ll think about it.

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I really like this. I am big fan both of single cycle oscillators and additive synthesis.

I will probably use some of generated waveforms in my music and/or in my software.

Really happy you made this! This kind of interactive visualization really helps promote an intuitive understanding of dsp — the web is a the perfect medium for this sort of thing!