Merging code of the TXo and Sweet Sixteen (16n in Euro format)?

Heyo, I’m poking around the source code for these two bits of hardware and a question has popped into my mind: would it be possible to add some of the TXo functions to the S16? When flashing to v2.0.1 TeensyLoader tells me we’ve only used about 13% of the available space (did I read that backwards maybe?)

Even just having static CV and triggers would add a ton of utility to this module, but once you start thinking about it, the faders could make for some fun sounding possibilities ie: controlling the slew rate or the LFO frequency of the corresponding output.

Looks like they both target the same hardware and the 16n code uses a version of TxHelper … soo … am I on the right track here? Maybe updating 16 channels is too much for the hardware?

Unfortunately, the 16n and its derivatives output CV through analog circuits direct from the faders and nothing about the firmware can affect it.

Ah, ok, that makes a bunch of sense, thanks!

Yea, I see it now. 16n is fundamentally an ADC and something that does what I was thinking of is a whole 'nother animal.

you could certainly add mods to the 16n firmware but yeah they’ll be limited to i2c and midi. so, you could use it to say convert midi to i2c or i2c to midi or do some sort of midi transformations or run some sort of apps (like, it would be trivial to make a firmware that would make it act as a 16 step sequencer with i2c or midi output). although more fun / easier to do it with teletype running apps and just reading from faderbank (and you’ll get 4 CV and gate outputs).