Metrix (220104)

Will fix it asap.
Glad you’re having fun with it, I already enjoyed some of your Strega experiments on insta. :slight_smile:


Thank you kindly. I also have trouble figuring out what “Transpose Trigger” and Acc. Direction does. I have it hooked up via midi, maybe these settings don’t apply to midi?

“Acc. Direction” sets, if the pitch is increased (“up”) or decreased (“down”).

“Transpose trigger” defines when the accumulation happens. The sequencer in or decreases the pitch once per stage, pulse or ratchet.

Both should also apply using MIDI.

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That’s what I get from not reading the manual carefully. Got it working now, by doing what you instructed me to in your writings :wink:

Noticed another thing though, turning of the engine results in a hanging note. Maybe send a note off when switching off “Audio”?

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Sounds good, I’ll add it to my list.
I also noticed a bug when hitting the accumulation limit downwards.

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Soo, had a bit of time, a new version (210406) is out. :tada:

  • added sync for ableton link
  • fixed: grid rotation initialized with the wrong rotation value
  • fixed: grid not rotated on reconnect
  • fixed: issues with downward accumulation
  • fixed: missing accumulation on first ratchet
  • fixed: missing noteOff event when changing outputs

As the issues with midi and crow sync remain, I’ll put it on hold for now.


Loving this script! Thanks for your efforts. Managed to at least capture this clip before I bumped a button on the preset field and wiped out this sequence.

Just had a thought, could the second input on crow be set up to accept CV to modulate a parameter of the users choice? That’d be awesome.

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Yep, thats on the roadmap for sure. :slight_smile:

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Hi. I tested this workaround but, apart from that it is rotated 90 degrees to the left (in my LP Mk3), it seems that it “mixes” the pages. Were you able to use all the functions depicted in the manual? Could you maybe tell us how? Thanks!

Hey Simone,
are you using a single launchpad mk3 mini? This will only work using 2, since the library does not support a 64 button grid.

Hi Kasper!
First of all many thanks for your work. I bought a Norns Shield exclusively on the future hope for a Metropolis script. Unfortunately a Grid controller is expensive and not in everybody GAS plan. That being said. Would be possible a simplified stripped down of Metrix to sequence just one Monophonic SH-101 type of voice with only the Norns Shield controls with just a straight MIDI channel 1 output and a MIDI clock IN to receive start stop from other gear? Maybe button 2 and 3 for jumping left to right in to the 1 to 8 steps, one of the encoders to jump between the functions per steps like note repeat, etc and another knob to select the note value (ie, C1+, repeat 6 steps and so on). Pleaaaaase! Again thank you very much and full support.

Hey John, that’s possible, but tbh not on my roadmap, as it would be quite a bit of work for a very specialized case. Also, I have some other features in mind, that would collide with a norns-only ui.

But of course, if you’re into programming, feel free to fork the script and try to add the ui. MIDI transport and all functionality is already implemented, so it would be mainly about making the knobs work the way you like. If you need any help with that, just drop me a line, I’d be glad to help. :slight_smile:

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unfortunately I have no idea about programming but if you know somebody (or somebody is watching this) it would be so cool :slight_smile:

thanks again!

@kasperbauer, did something happen with the latest norns update? i can’t see the bottom 64 lights on the grid. the buttons work as expected though.

I don’t have my norns at hand at the moment. I’ll have a look asap.

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Sorry for the late follow-up. I just updated norns and can experience the same behaviour. Looks like an issue with the grid orientation maybe…? I’ll look into it.


I see the same on skylines :confused: but haven’t had the time to look into this.

So, finally, I updated the script.
The grid rotation issues seem to be a bug, I did a manual mapping for rotation for now and added an issue in the norns github repo.

metrix 210924


transposition direction per stage
freeze accumulation
track picker
scales / root note page
skip stage functionality
several ui improvements
run input on crow input 2
param: send midi transport messages


grid rotation issues
crow not triggering pulses
save scale and root note with preset

Love this script too much, have it playing nicely with Plinkysynth at the moment. Update works well for me, the only thing I cannot find is the page 4 png in the manual on Github, that aside this is most excellent.

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Oh, you’re right, I forgot to add page 4 in the readme file.
Glad you like it. :slight_smile: