mftconf (library for loading midi fighter twister config with norns)


Library for loading midi fighter twister configuration file with norns.

This script reads midi fighter twister configuration file (.mfs) from the specified path and loads the configuration with sysex stream to midi fighter twister when called. My use case is to load relevant config and initialize values for a given script to midi fighter twister without non-norns computer.

If this is useful to people not creating scripts I might turn this into a mod as well.

I could not verify the whole sysex specification with DJTechTools as they are lacking a developer at the moment (but they are in a search for one, so apply if this seems to be your thing :slight_smile: Wanted: Software/Firmware Programmer - DJ TechTools). But this script parses the config file and mimics the behavior of midi fighter utility when communicating with midi fighter twister so it works but there could be some unexpected behavior with configuration files that are significantly different what I have tested it with.


  • norns
  • midi fighter twister


  1. install library

  2. require mftconf library to your script
    mftconf = require("mftconf/lib/mftconf")

  3. connect your midi fighter twister in your script:
    mft = midi.connect(your_midi_figther_twister)

  4. call this function to load midi fighter twister configuration file
    (this usually gets called in init function
    params: midi device, config file with path)

  5. call this function to update mapped param values from your script to midi fighter twister
    (this usually gets called in params.action_read function
    params: midi device)



Thanks to @WilliamHazard with testing & discussions