MGC - MultiChannel Grid Control for Monome (+ Digitakt)

Hey everybody, so I’ve created a new Max patch + JS script for controlling all 8 channels of the Digitakt from my Monome 40th. My goal was to create new ways to perform with the Digitakt which cannot be easily done from the Digitakt itself. I’m not sure if there’s already other similar Monome apps but I figured I’d design one of my own anyway.

MGC (MultiChannel Grid Control) can basically create button groups on the Monome. Each group can be assigned to one or multiple MIDI CC destinations and each button in a group can be assigned to different values. What’s also cool is that it will output the MIDI CC to multiple MIDI Channels so I can control all 8 tracks of the Digitakt at once.
It can also save and recall multiple scenes / presets and randomize everything.

While this was designed with the Digitakt in mind, it can definitely be used with other samplers, drum machines, synthesizers, etc.

It’s open source and available at

Here’s a video demo:

In order to use this with other gear you just need to create a different mapping file (JSON) and set it up as you want.

The script can be modified to work with larger Monomes, I just haven’t had the time yet to add multiple sizes. It should work with Monome 64s for now.

Anyway, hope this is useful for some of your and let me know if you have any other ideas / suggestions :control_knobs:


love seeing those 2006 grids still in use!


i just inherited one from a friend and have been waiting to be able to use it. Super stoked about this.

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This should be portable to pd easily enough, if you’d like to swap your laptop for a raspberry pi. (I imagine most digitKt users would prefer to not lug their laptops around.)


Amazing, thank you! Can’t wait to try it.

This one was actually Gui Boratto’s but he wasn’t using it as much anymore so he passed it to me. It’s still working great even after years of being used on a bunch of tours!


The actual idea is very simple (send CC values to multiple MIDI channels) so it should be quite simple to reproduce / port to any platform. The only part that is a bit complex is parsing the mapping files and managing the groups (but definitely not super complex).

Really cool! Scenes is one thing I miss dearly on the Digi-boxes, well done.
Next level would be to morph between two states by pressing two pads at once. ;o)

Hmm, I don’t think we expose the “Fill” button used for trigger conditions via CC, but that would definitely be interesting with this setup. Hmm!


Sorry for the off-topic but, what is the name of the beautiful machine on the right?

I don’t know what it does, but I need one.

Yamaha TQ5

A beauty indeed!

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Glad you liked it! Hmm, morphing between the two states sounds like a very reasonable challenge :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah it’d be great if the Fill button was accessible via CC, as well as something equivalent to holding the Track button to change the value of a certain parameter for all tracks relative to their current values (instead of defining an absolute number). It’d be fun to have a button to make all tracks change to the next sample slot.

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