(Work in progress) Norns engine adaptations of mi-UGens (a collection of adaptations of some Mutable Instruments eurorack modules ported to SuperCollider by Volker Böhm @geplanteobsoleszenz)

Note/Warning - this is somewhat experimental.

The ugens are a work in progress and may have issues/bugs.


mi-engines is a collection of engines, lua libraries, and demo scripts based on Volker Böhm’s mi-UGens.

Included here are WIP of scripts/engines based on the popular Clouds, Rings, Elements, Braids and Plaits modules. (Note - module names here are changed)

I’d love to get some other people involved in testing/feedback.

The intention is for the engine libraries to eventually be usable by other scripts or also as basic standalone synths/FX





Important - The compiled linux version of the mi-Ugens must be installed separately from these engines/scripts.

I’ve created an installer script to help this process: mi-ugens-install.lua (1.8 KB)

Copy this install script to ~/dust/code and then run it from Maiden or from the SELECT menu on norns.

(Note - the same ugens are used by Pedalboard - so if you installed them for pedalboard, you don’t need to install them again. Or if you install them here, you will be able to use the rings/clouds pedals in pedalboard).

Then you need to install the mi-engines scripts/engines from the GitHub link below (these will be submitted to the maiden project manager once things are fairly stable).

Remember to remove -master from the directory name if you install from the zip file. And not to re-name mi-eng to mi_eng or otherwise.

Then reboot (SLEEP/restart).

Per-module instructions/info soon

Modal Synth
Script currently should automatically setup MIDI mapping for 16n defaults (CC’s 32-47 on MIDI channel 1)

Macro B Oscillator

Macro P Oscillator

Resonate R

Texture C

See the Mi-UGens thread for manual install info and discussion on the ugens themselves.


Alpha/Beta-ish. May not be entirely functional. Likely buggy.


v0.4.0 - https://github.com/okyeron/mi-eng/archive/master.zip

Github: https://github.com/okyeron/mi-eng


This looks very exciting.
I get this error message when I try to run the script from maiden

# script load: /home/we/dust/code/mi-eng/plaits.lua
# cleanup
# script clear
pset >> write: /home/we/dust/data/system.pset
# script run
loading engine: MiPlaits
### SCRIPT ERROR: missing MiPlaits
> reading PMAP /home/we/dust/data/mi-eng/plaits/plaits.pmap

I installed the uGens with your script and just put the mi-eng-folder in …/dust/code
Any idea what I’m doing wrong?

Did you reboot (SLEEP/restart)?

Yes, more than once…

The other thing to check is make sure the folder in dust/code is named “mi-eng” without anything else on it. If you downloaded it as a zip from github, github well append “-master” onto the folder name.

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I found out that from another error, but I fixed that. I had that exact problem with the -master extension to the folder name. But when I solved that and then this problem started happening.

Maybe dm me with some details but here’s some things to check:

  • look at the contents of ~/.local/share/SuperCollider/Extensions/ and see if the ugens were installed. Specifically if there’s a MiPlaits directory and if it has the corresponding .sc. and .so` files inside.

  • try looking at the SC tab in maiden when you load the script. See what debug shows up there.

  • in a pinch, re-run the ugens install script and reboot

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Strange now everything works. I had it sitting turned off all day, and when I started up my norns tonight it works.
Thanks for the quick responses!

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i accidentally installed twice with the install script (i hit the button to install and then hit it again). would this cause any problems?

No, I don’t think so. I believe it should just download again and re-copies the files to the correct location.

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ok! other than that everything worked perfectly w pedalboard. thanks!

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Workin on braids MacroB



v0.4 ugens

new installer script: mi-ugens-install.lua (1.8 KB)

or you can edit your old installer script to change
m.version = "mi-UGens-linux-v.04"

v0.3.0 scripts

Github updated here

Probably best to delete your existing install and download or pull a full fresh version.


  • all scripts and norns engines have new names
  • add Modal B script/engine (using MiBraids UGen)
  • lotsa changes to synth scripts

Awesome, will check them out. One issue I was having was the hard coded midi cc in the previous version of Elements.
On Elements, I could midi learn my faderfox controller but every time you load the script up again the settings are lost and it defaults back to the settings in the script. Is there a way around it were I could mod the script without specific cc numbers so it accepts my midi learn? The previous Plaits and Rings worked fine with keeping the midi learn numbers. Not sure if these latest ones will have the same effect or not.

They might all have the same problem. I’m working on this

(Gotta look again at elements and see what I was doing there)

Some CC numbers are hard coded in the scripts for the moment. I have an idea for fixing this but there’s not a full set of functions for pmaps so I’ll need to make a few things.

Will try to update asap

I got a Supercollider fail after installing the mi-ugens.

Did you restart after installing?

I did. The “fail” message came up after the restart.

Did you run the script to install the UGens themselves?

If so, what do you see if you SSH in and run sclang?

The Braids adaptation is really great. On my DIY Norns I only have mono output (left side). The Braids Eurorack module is of course also mono, but is it possible to duplicate the left channel to the right channel in the norns engine?