@okyeron How difficult would you presume it to be to add LFO modulation to, for example, the Clouds port? Thinking it might be a fairly easy entry into Lua, given that @Justmat and others have made LFO libraries/code samples

Clouds already has LFO’s! Sine, Saw, and/or Chaos flavors :slight_smile: The settings are in the param menu.


Legendary! I hadn’t gotten the chance to install it yet :slight_smile:

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Just installed yesterday.

They sound pretty epic and I encourage everyone to try them out.

I added them to the index.

PS: Like @klingklangmatze I only have the left channel output for macro-b on my norns shield.


Another gush post. Well that was a morning well spent. I never have owned a MI module but I am loving these scripts they pair so well with my ambient setup and a midi controller. Thank you for the adaptations.


I don’t even properly understand what these Mutable Instruments modules are and do, but I reckoned I’d install the SuperCollider extensions and these norns scripts regardless out of curiosity¹ and since I’ve been looking to expand OP-Z soundscape – and wow lol pressed play on default settings with a dub-techno thing loaded on OP-Z and instantly winning :medal_sports:

Thank you for this work! (MacroB is on the left channel. And is it just me, or are these very loud by default, as in loud enough to hurt your hearing?)

¹ while feeling a sting of guilt about bypassing supporting financially a boutique modular shop

Hi all. Total noob here, so my apologies for asking basic questions… :slight_smile: Just purchased a Norns Shield and wanted to run MI related apps. I am having trouble following the install instructions. Is there a walk through that is simpler for non-coders to follow?

install Pedalboard and it can do the engine install for you when you select the Resonator or Granular modules. Then restart the shield (sleep/power-off/power-on)

Then get the miEngines archive to run the demo scripts.


This script is in alpha and has not been released to madden yet so the only way to load it is manually. I think the documentation supplied above is some of the clearest I have found for any alpha script. First I you will need to understand how to transfer files to your Norns I like to do that over wifi here is the Norns docs for wifi transfer of files https://monome.org/docs/norns/wifi-files/ . I would encourage you to try :slightly_smiling_face:, it is no harder than baking a cake.

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Thank you for the clear response! I was able to figure it out.


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The Wifi transfer doc helped immensely - thank you!

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Your welcome! Good job figuring it out!

In order to run Braids in „stereo“ the corresponding Supercollider file (Engine_MacroB.sc) must be changed slightly. In line 23 a "!2“ must be inserted after the parenthesis. As you can see here…

    MiBraids.ar(pitch, timbre, color, model, trig, resamp, decim, bits, ws, mul)!2;

Edit: The same should be done in the Plaits Supercollider file to get a better sound.

BTW…In the Elements script I have activated the Easteregg Mode, which results in a nice 2x2 Operators FM synth :+1:t2:


hi there,
trying to get the scripts working but I get stuck on loading…
maiden gives me this error:

reading PMAP /home/we/dust/data/mi-eng/macro-b/macro-b.pmap
m.read: /home/we/dust/data/mi-eng/macro-b/macro-b.pmap not read.

any idea?

Haven’t tested on recent updates. So thing may have changed.

I’ll look at the code when I have a chance.

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I took a quick look at this just now. I can’t reproduce that error.

However - I went ahead and removed/commented the chunk of code that creates the pmap.

So try to update and try again?.

Thanks that helped for both MacroB and MacroP, and I’ve submitted a pull request for consideration. Now merrily bleeping along ↭ :sunglasses:

I have some parameters mapped to incoming MIDI CC, but the UI isn’t updated for all of them. Model seems fine right now on MacroB, but timbre, color and envelope don’t update on CC events. I can see the changes in the values in PARAM menu and hear them as expected. I looked at the code but didn’t see a good place to fix this. Ideas?

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Yes, I had the problem too. This has resulted from the Norns OS updates in the last year. In the case of the MI Plaits engine I rewrote the Lua/Supercollider script and added LFOs, a reverb (from MI Elements), polyphony, and the possibility to operate all parameters with the Norns encoder.

I’ll have a look at the Braids script, maybe I can revise something.

Nonetheless, I want to thank @okyeron for picking up Volker Böhm’s MI Ugens and creating these great Norns scripts. I’ve had a lot of fun with them over the past few weeks. Here is a small example.


Oh yeah I meant to ask out of curiosity what was the rationale for the rename?

Do you have an idea @klingklangmatze what the breaking change might have been?

I noticed another strange PMAP thing that if engine of MacroP is mapped to CC, it only changes to any of the engines when the norns menu is open, and only to some of them when the script UI is on the screen. Strange. I tried to debug it and submit a PR but didn’t catch it right now.

In any case huge thanks for these scripts, they add a lot of really interesting tonality to norns. I usually drive them as my “ninth track” for OP-Z.

I believe that Emilie has stated somewhere that she would like the names if modules changed where the code is re-used in part or whole in other places as to avoid confusion with their implementation on the genuine mutable hardware. Might even be in the license? Can’t remember, it’s been a while.