Rights I see it now. That clears it, thanks.

On GitHub - pichenettes/eurorack: Eurorack modules

We do not recommend you to keep the original name of the Mutable Instruments module for your derivative works.

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No unfortunately no idea. I’ll send you my revised macro B version later. I have completely rewritten the Lua script and added another trigger command in the supercollider file. This was certainly not necessary, but it helps me to understand the Norns scripting in a better way.

I should also pay more attention to the use of MI names. “Oscillator code from Mutable Instruments” is her preferred form of citation. This is based on the discussion regarding the Arturia Microfreak.


I saw that you’ve rearranged the screen (or that what i think I saw), so i figured some rewriting might have taken place. These things are so much fun.

In addition to the stereo fixes I’ve added MIDI channel selection. From what I see and from the good work already done, there would be some good possibility to expand these and also maybe bring some of the other MI engines in.


Sooooo i accidentally ran that install script from the Norns select menu twice. Any errors i should prep for??