MI Midipal - altering a script

I just wondered if anyone here has any experience modifying midipal code? I am hoping to add to the scale app the ability to change the OUTGOING midi channel to be a different one to the incoming channel…so I could , for example have a keyboard on channel 1 but then route that to all 16 channels after the scale has been applied … The only app i use is the scale one so I am happy to ditch off other ones if I need more memory…

I just wondered how hard it might be in comparison with norms lua

I don’t have a midipal but I had a thought about where you might find someone to help: MidiGAL | MidiSizer

This is a midipal project (clone?) that runs midipal firmware. Perhaps the developer might have some clues on modifying the script code to suit your use case. Hope that is a helpful route :raised_hands:

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thats super, I have had limited success on the official forum so this might be a better route. cheers

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