Microbrute MIDI into Ansible

I searched for another topic about this and couldn’t find any, so mods feel free to move this as needed.

Last night I plugged the usb midi output from my microbrute into the usb input on Ansible.

I’m pretty sure I was in the initial poly style. I sent each cv output to a different oscillator.

When I played the keys, the outputs lit up sequentially as I was expecting. There were some weird tuning things going on, but that’s not what I’m wondering about.

What was weird was that when I tried to get the microbrute sequencer to run, nothing happened. I put it into play mode and held a key down, nada…

I assumed that it would send a midi sequence, but nope…

Any ideas? Might it need to receive a gate input?

Very strange…


Does the microbrute sequencer output midi via USB if you plug it into a computer/daw? I did a quick google, and think maybe it does not… others with similar findings.

I need to test that!

One word of warning, as I use the Microbrute with Ansible very frequently, is you use pitch bend and/or mod wheel a lot, you may end up freezing Ansibles gate output. The left button on the front is a “panic” button and pushing that resets things so that you can keep playing. With the way I play I need to make liberal use of the panic button :slight_smile:

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what MIDI style are y using on Ansible?

Microbrute’s sequencer doesn’t transmit MIDI. It does affect the CV and Gate outputs though.

Had to test it because I keep forgetting it even has a sequencer :wink:


I just use monophonic - it’s possible that the bug doesn’t exist in polyphonic mode!
I’m hoping I have some time this year to setup my dev environment and actually debug what’s happening

Yeah the sequencer is pretty lame but sometimes even that has a use…

Now I need to try my SQ-1 with Ansible!