Microcontroller questions

how would one go about picking the right microcontroller for an audio project? it’ll be sort of a modular synth/spd-s(the roland drum pad thing) …thing and from what i’ve found (after literal weeks of looking, i finally found a service manual) the spd-s uses a v850e/ma1 microcontroller but i’m having trouble nailing down actual specs, since it’s been used a lot in the auto industry(industry secrets, i presume. or not a lot of other uses)

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Availability of a lot of microcontrollers often used for audio eg STM32 family is very bad so one of the first things to check is can you even buy the device. Lots of people use Teensy 3.x or 4.x because audio software support for these microcontrollers is quite good. The other module you should check out is the Daisy by Electrosmith which also has a really excellent dsp library. If you plan to take the project to production then a module may not be cost effective but for prototyping and low volumes modules are a great choice.

Also check out the ESP32 family which are great if you need wifi and/or Bluetooth. Not as powerful as the Daisy, Teensy 4 or the higher end STM32s but it is quite inexpensive and does have an audio library.

My current favourite is the Teensy 4. One of the fastest microcontrollers available. I recently did a couple of modules using the Raspberry Pi Zero and Zero 2W. Cheap, fast, lots of RAM for samples but not so good at handling time critical things like trigger inputs.


You should check which development tools are available for the uC. For example, if you want to write c code, make sure the uC has a decent and freely available lib and c compilier. The v850 uC you mention has a non-free C complier ( as in you need to pay for it). I’ve dealt with that shit in the past with PIC uC’s and it is not something I’d want to do again.

Rad! Ok I think I’m going to pick up a daisy and start noodling. What sort of alternate connectivity does the daisy have? I wonder out loud