MicroDexed Touch

I built up this little handheld synth as a companion to my Norns last night.

It’s a pretty remarkable device that runs on a Teensy 4.1.

Dexed has been around for ages as an open/freeware DX7 emulator and editor, this builds on the concept by implementing 2 instances of Dexed, a modeled Electric Piano, 2 VA monosynths, polyphonic Braids, Drums and Multilayer Sample Player.

It’s multitimbral, has onboard effects, dynamics, mixer and tracker like sequencer.

The project is open source with the developer running an engaging Discord server.

Here’s the link to the code files, Build Instructions - MicroDexed-touch - Codeberg.org

And a YouTube preview and demo reel.


Very cool to see this project is still going! Great share. Come a long way from the pjrc forum posts years back.


this is so cool! Might build one when I don’t have 10 other projects going on