Microphone for OP-1?

I’m looking for a small, portable microphone to travel with the OP-1. Would prefer something with a switchable pattern so I can focus in on discreet sounds to sample, but also nab general ambiences. Doesn’t need to be that hi-fi, but obviously better than the OP-1’s internal mic.


Not perfect, but I use the Tascam DR-05 digital recorder as an external microphone for the OP-1. The monitor out / headphone jack works great. I got one a year or two ago for half the normal price…actually during an Amazon Black Friday sale if I remember correctly.

Apologies for raising this thread from the dead… but I’m looking for similar to the OP: a small, portable and passive microphone to use with MI Ears modules. Mic terminated to minijack would be ideal.

Does anyone have any suggestions? I’m not looking for high fidelity, just something that will work with MI Ears, and could be used to incorporate field recordings etc. into my portable modular system.

Cheers :+1:

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The simplest solution that I went for, but haven’t really tested yet was to order a cable that is XLR to 1/8" jack. I intend to use it with an SM-57 for my OP-1. I have an old field recorder Zoom h2 (+10years) that works as well and that I can use as a USB-mic/interface with my laptop. Very handy when travelling.

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Sounds cool. Using a field recorder and monitoring the line out is a nice idea.

I just found this which could do the trick. £30 from Amazon.

Terminated to mini-jack and it’s omnidirectional. The bandwidth/quality might not be great (designed for teleconferencing :smile:), but it looks convenient and the battery is built into the unit.