Microphones for foley

I find myself doing more and more indoor recording for sound design and foley purposes.I have narrowed down my options to either a Rode NT4 or a AKG CK-93/91 + SE300B.

With just a cursory look, I would say that the NT4 is a much better choice - the AKGs are probably going to be super “bright” - they love to add “definition” to cheap condensers by hyping the high end - but more that that, it looks like the AKGs require a proprietary pre-amp. Do you already have one, or are you planning to buy one? Also, check for reviews on GearSlutz if you haven’t already, people on their tend to give really good reviews.

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The SE300B is the actual pre amp

Ah sorry, I was wondering why it wasn’t coming up in searches.

Love my Rode NT4, it gets a lot of use.

Yup, they went “modular” on that series, so you get the main body / pre-amp and interchangeable capsules.

Have you been using for foley at all? Anything you do not like about it?
I was advised to get a hyper-cardioid mic for foley recording, but I think I could benefit from an XY / stereo one like the AKG.

Not foley but it gets a lot of use for field recordings, as well as for a variety of instruments in the studio. The sound is very natural, it’s not bright nor hard in the sense of adding edge to the source.

The X/Y image is really good, although for guitars I might add a couple of other mics to get more character.

The 3.5mm plug has some hum with low level material from being unbalanced. The 9v phantom power option is great for allowing the batteries in my Zoom H4 to last longer.

I use it for everything aside from voice, unless there’s a group of people.

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i guess the shortlist is a question of budget.
The classic option for foley is an hypercardioid or an interference tube mic, but I would avoid the AKG in favor of the NT4 here.
Actually, specifically for foley/sound design purposes, i would buy a Neumann KM185, which is 30% more expensive than the NT4, but will probably last forever and certainly sound fantastic. It is maybe the least expensive of the great microphones out there.

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Thanks for the input.The 185 was actually my next in the list but does however cost double than a NT4 :confused:

oh, i was thinking in european prices. On other continents things are probably very different.

Do you mean actual foley? As in walking footsteps & performing spot FX to picture, to match production sound in a film soundtrack? If so I would reccomend the Neumann KMR81 short shotgun for a very natural unhyped sound that matches into production sound very well (& a LOT better than a 416 does)


My bad, I didn’t mean recording to picture but recording for sound designing purposes.
That KMR81 looks amazing.

I scooped a NT4 for cheap and can’t wait to try this out