Midcentury modular - a weekend // a collection of songs + crow asl/sequencer scripts

Here is a weekend in audio form:

And here it is in code form:

In memory and honor of the late Nancy Dawson, any money made on the purchase of these songs will be donated to Transform. Based in Cincinnati, OH, Transform is an organization which provides clothes for youth who are in the process of transitioning. You can find out more about the organization, as well as other ways to support it, here: www.transformcincy.org

If you create anything with these scripts and would like to share, I’d love for you to do so in this thread!

some details about the code, recording and the visual art

I created these tracks last weekend after being really inspired by the live stream @Galapagoose shared discussing the ASL programming lib he had written for crow. Each track captures the progression and mutation of the sequencing code, as well as an additional voice added to the harmonic environment.

track/script 1, tonight, is a single voice that is very loosely timed because I’m randomly changing the length of the asl output 1 stages, and after each stage completes, I’m updating output 2’s pitch value to go to the next step in the sequence. This is basically the “macroseq” idea developed in the livestream, if you want a dive into how that works: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yA9uguVcd6o

this_afternoon came next, after I heard @glia’s cool take on a 2-voice version of tonight, I wanted to try my hand at my own 2-voice version. Because @grey had just asked about warps in the modular system thread, and I had just thought about how much I like using it, it felt like a good sound source for the second voice. I also used some of the techniques I had explored during the feedback february project. Basically a lot of inspiration from various people and projects from this community to make this one come to be. Thank y’all all for the consistent and constant inspiration!

I had shared a bit more about some code particulars on the Maps thread for these first two as I was building them out:

another_evening was my attempt at going a bit more rigid on the timing and adding a 3rd voice (some bass notes from Just Friends in synth mode) to have things be a bit more full across the spectrum.

In terms of mixing/mastering/post-processing, I ran the tracks through some additional reverb, saturation and bounced them to some type ii tape (with dolby b noise reduction engaged) to vibe and widen a bit more. Track 3 proved pretty difficult to tame in terms of harshness, but a bunch of tight eq bands and automation helped me do that, I hope!

The art is alcohol-based markers and ink pen on paper, a fun hobby I’ve been pursuing for the past couple years.


Yesssss!! Cant wait to dive into these and already listening!

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Will pick it up tomorrow.

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This music is beautiful, thank you for sharing and for sharing the code!

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thank y’all for all the kind words and support, really appreciate it. Excited that I’ve been able to collect just over $150 dollars for transform so far from this, was totally not expecting that.

if there are any questions that arise about the scripts, please let me know (and please share any tweaks or creations made with them)! And let me know if anything doesn’t seem like it’s working right. I did compile the cleaned-up scripts and checked things quickly for any errors in druid, but I haven’t gotten a chance to really get in there and test a ton yet.

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@jlmitch5 I love everything about this: the music, the process, the charity. Thank you!

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just picked this up - lovely !

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What wonderful music!! Purchased!

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thank y’all! made my morning to get these messages