Midcentury modular - drones

I released this record a little over two years ago, and it felt like a nice, rainy day to mark it as free on the bandcamp.

Listening back to drones, I can definitely hear that it was a particularly anxious time in my life when I was making and finishing this. I think I was trying to create these big, slow, enveloping tracks as a form of comfort. At the time, I was exploring how to make music that was a bit more full across the frequency spectrum (my previous stuff was lacking in the bass and treble department). I think I was hinting at the more chaotic sounds I’ve been exploring since, as well as some of the not-quite-right melodic stuff, like on “summit 2/peace 3”. I think another thing I was looking to do was work on something that had a solid thematic core and felt like an album, which hearing now that I have some distance from it, I think I did a good job with.

If I would’ve done some things differently, it would be to extend “last” in some more interesting ways (re-amping and layering, techniques I hadn’t developed as well at the time) and do a more in-your-face, textural mix (which I’m trying to learn more about currently)…also figure out a better outro on the last track, definitely ends a bit abruptly for how slow all this stuff is.

I remember I got really tired of formless compositions after finishing this record and started my golden chorale project to make “songs”. A lot of my synth stuff after was exploring more complex and rhythmic parts…I’ve since circled back around to more drone-y, flowing stuff, and I do have a bunch of songs on my hard-drive that are in this vein made pretty much exclusively with plaits’ chord mode. I’m still collecting recordings for that, but hope to release it at some point.

many thanks to @robotboot for putting one of the tracks to some really cool video footage:


Really love both the first track in the Bandcamp link and the video. (and the song-orientated project sounds ace, too)


I’m glad that you posted this I have been missing having the chance to film sunsets and waves and clouds and just be in nature but this also reminds me that I should take these videos off of the no sound focused YouTube and give them there own or put them on my robotboot channel but the shots pair so well with the drone and make them nice and warm and tingly.

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Also reminder to myself that the first 10 minutes of this video where shot out of a window in a Chicago apartment so don’t forget nature is around.

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