Midi cc scale + invert maxforlive

looking to scale and invert midi cc info - anyone got a good maxforlive tool for this before i go trying to build one?

one cc input, two parameter mappings:
input values 64-127 outputs 0-127 to parameter A
input values 63-0 output 127-0 to parameter B

when you assign in ableton you also get to set the max and min and invert. if you have cc controlling something you assign you can set it up that way.

as i understand the min and max values will always map to 0 and 127 on the incoming midi cc.

in my case i need to be able to set min to 64 and max to 127.

i might not be clear on what your doing but
midi cc to a asigned knob and then assigned knob to a midi cc. it should only do what the assidned knob to the cc.

sorry i don’t understand what you mean. are you suggesting i assign my cc input to a knob and then send that knob out as a midi cc? if so what knob does that?

i have MFL device call midi CC or just CC…its a knob with the option to pick the cc number under it.
im not at my computer to check. i thought it was from an ableton pack
but yes
have your cc assigned to a knob
use the settings of the assigned knob to max and min desired…switch max and min to invert
assign that knob to MFL midi cc out.

ah clever! ok i gotcha. will check that out and let you know if it works for me.
thanks :slight_smile:

No idea on the m4l bits you might need to plug it into Live but in terms of a max patch all you’d need is your midi cc coming in via a ctlin object. Then use a split object on the output of the ctlin to cut your cc values into the two halves you want. Then you can scale and invert each of the split object outputs using scale objects.

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