MIDI controller routing from one Norn to the other (OhmRGB)



Sorry for asking first – I’m 100% sure this is all answered in this forum. But I’m quite overwhelmed already. So I beg your pardon.

What are my options for a stable routing of a few MIDI CCs / Notes from one Norns to another.

I have an OhmRGB which has lots of knobs and buttons with an A / B section kinda which would be fantastic to control two Norns.

I guess OSC would also be an option? Maybe there are already Mods for this?

How would you solve that? Thanks for your input!

The OhmRGB can only interface over USBMIDI with one of the norns.

But… You could use the DIN MIDI out from the OhmRGB thru a USBMIDI adapter ($10-15) to the second norns.

At that point you’d just need to figure out your mapping so that MIDI events for one device are only mapped to the norns you want (keep in mind in this case all the MIDI would be sending to both)

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I hear you – but you know how clunky those MIDI to USB cables are. I was hoping to use a network protocol for less setup time and cluttered cables (I hate cables!).

Of course this is my workaround right now that works out of the box.

Option 2 - use a host to host adapter between the 2 norns, and forward the MIDI you want along to the second.

(would require a bit more scripting on the first norns or using passthrough - which might be a mod now?)

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I see… thanks for ideas!

for future reference regarding OSC feedback:

Zack implemented a small OSC feedback mod that allows forwarding all incoming OSC events.
i've implemented the osc-cast mod that sends an OSC messages for all param changes. it's more suitable for bidirectional param editing.
those mods might be sufficient for the time being. midi feedback could be implemented in a similar fashion.

What about this? Looks quite promising as well, eh? @dan_derks You are doing the main implementation, right?

Maybe OSC as input would be awesome :slight_smile:

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indeed i have made it a mod!

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YES!! Haha, fantastic! :slight_smile: Trying now!