Midi controllers under $150 with lots of knobs


So, the $64,000 question: pots or encoders…?

IMO, pots feel so much nicer to use… but you do have the whole jumping value issue to deal with. Encoders are better for discrete values though.

It’s also one of those questions that it’s easy to rationalise an answer to, but you won’t really know which you prefer until you try them both.

I have a Faderfox PC4 that I got used on eBay (for a bargain price of £75!).

I don’t use any of the programability, mine just outputs CC1-24 on channel 1. (And I only really use it with SuperCollider with a bit of custom code to quickly map it to a synth param.)

It’s nice and compact, and slides back underneath my monitor stand when not in use. I’m pretty sure I’ve never used all of the knobs at once. But the excess means you can lay things out logically rather than having to try to cram everything in.

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Apologies if this isn’t the appropriate thread for this, but I’ve been looking for a “lots of knobs” solution and although I think a Launch Control would probably suffice, I already have a Novation Remote 25 which is slightly damage and was wondering about the possibility of converting that into something which will solve my issues instead. I’d like to change the sliders for rotary pots and was looking to replace them and the existing rotary dials for some standard B10k. Excuse my ignorance, but: would this work? Is it literally a case of connecting the wires to the potentiometers? Has anyone done this before?


I can’t say for sure with the controller, but typically yes. Sliders are just linear potentiometers — just make sure the match the resistance and taper, which is usually printed right on them.


Brilliant! Thank you - can’t wait to crack it open!

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I really like this one: https://nakedboards.org/mc24.html

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I’m in the same position, looking for a cheap controller with a lot a knobs (at least 24). My use case is csound/supercollider development, so endless encoders are a must have, both during development (code -> test -> knob twist -> debug -> restart) and playing (starting a file/patch with parameters already in place).
I’m considering buying an Arturia Beatstep (non pro) and coding a solution to use the pads as bank selectors for the 16 knobs.