MIDI Fighter Twister


Not much to add. The encoders are pretty smooth. They certainly don’t have as many steps per turn as the arc, but I never found it to be an issue. It’s not going to feel like an arc and you don’t have as much control over the leds for visual feedback (they just react to midi cc), but it’s a great controller for the price.

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There’s a pretty nice sale on these here. $170 out the door with the promo code. My Norns is getting a lot knobbier!



Thanks all for thread, have now picked one up. Great piece of kit.



Missed the $170 deal by a couple hours and wasn’t certain if this was what I need.
Looks like a fantastic piece of kit that is highly customizable.
Next time it goes on sale, I’ll be ready.



Maybe this deserves its own thread, but I’d love to hear you talk more about making all your devices talk OSC. Does this involve translating MIDI into and out of OSC for things that don’t already speak it? Do you do this with, e.g. an Ableton softsynth?



This could be interesting/great if it makes it into production.




Could I ask how you’ve set it up to work with the Octatrack? Is it able to read values from the Octa (There’s this Send all Audio CC’s command in the Octa) or does it work closer to how a pot would work, introducing value jumps when you, say, change patterns? Very interested in the unit… Thanks.



I have been using it more like a pot. I’ll see if I can get the two way communication going now actually.



Ok two way comms works a treat. I just had to make sure in my midi routing (in my case using an iconnectmidi4+) had both devices sending to each other as destinations. However I don’t see the Octatrack sending cc’s when the values change by parameter locks or pattern changes. Only when adjusting the knob on the Octatrack.

I used this CC reference:

The only thing that is a bit of a bummer imo is that each track has to be on it’s own channel. So you can quickly eat up all your available channels.

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can the push function be used to enter notes like a midi keyboard?



The encoder push? Sure you can set it to most any midi messages. Not sure it would be very ergonomic for notes, they’re quite firm to push.