MIDI foot pedal

This is quite tempting. If I can’t find the right solution out of products that are available I will reach out to you.

The Morningistar has less switches but it just might do the job with the additional actions per switch. Good find!

bumping this with curiosity about the morningstar…

@Prnts: did you ever try one?

There aren’t many MIDI foot controllers. I use the FCB1010 on stage for lack of other similar options. As far as tap vs hold, you could write a simple max patch to handle that.

I have not yet gotten my hands on one

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Dear all

I need a recommendation: a piece of mine is on the road and the performer needs to replace his MIDI/USB cue pedal (for a computer running a patch) I need a solution commercially made, reliable, available. I used to use eowave Foot Control, but they are nowhere to be found. Any pointer welcome.


(ps: no I don’t want to solder mine in this case, thanks)

ok some recommendations that arrived from another channel, feel free to comment:

USB and open - very much a replacement of the eowave:

cheap and delicious but hard to extend:

only midi so need a usb midi card:

If anyone has experience with the AudioFront one, I’m all ears!


i have an audiofront 1 input jack, works very well, would suggest it!


Thanks @tehn for the vote of confidence. I was also suggested this:

which looks sturdy (guitarist-proof :slight_smile:) if anyone has any experience with that.

Please read this before purchasing a logidy… Friends of norns: gear, accessories, etc - #723 by zebra

There have been a lot of issues with this foot pedal and Norns.


More offers from the guitar world: https://www.morningstarfx.com/mc6-mkii

these look incredibly sturdy and flatter my pop bass guitar background with the brushed aluminium :slight_smile:

I have an mc6 mkii. It is solid and I haven’t had any problems using it with norns. Certainly a nice pedal option if a little programmability it desired. The web based editor UI works well. The only part I found confusing was having to switch modes in the editor when doing a multi page setup.

If I were to do it all over again I would have gone for the audiofront adapter for two reasons

  • The switches are too loud to use if I’m trying to record something acoustically

  • After some thought I realized I wanted the flexibility to spread multiple pedals (on one adaptor) across my feet while sitting.

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thanks. loud switches is a no go for me, so that is very very useful feedback. thanks!

FWIW, I have had a Logidy UMI-3 for many years, and it’s always worked really well for me as a USB-guitar-pedal, usually attached to a maclaptop via a hub. The switches are moderately loud (they’re momentary, so they don’t have the click-on-click-off sound, but they’re still mechanical and undamped), but so are the switches on my other pedals.

I don’t mean to suggest that you should ignore the technical assessment provided there, but depending on your use case, the issues presented there may not actually be a problem for you

On the silent footswitch side of things, I’ve also generally enjoyed using a KMM 12-step (soft step probably works equally as well), though while it’s quiet/silent, I do find myself missing some sort of haptic feedback to feel whether I’ve actually pressed a switch or not. Using socks instead of shoes helps with that though

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Anyone ever use a USB foot pedal for MIDI purposes?

I have a Midisolutions footswitch that I’ve been using for years to add sustain CC’s to my feed from a drum module. But lately I get a better midi latency with USB instead of DIN for whatever reason. I’m interested whether one of these can be programmed to send a MIDI CC?

On paper it looks like just about the perfect foot controller platform, and would solve a bunch of little inconveniences in my setup (on top of needing a second foot controller, which is the main thing) and looks like it would be a pretty straightforward, affordable build.

But does it actually work well?


First time I am seeing this but I just ordered one of the supported dev boards and will let you know how it goes once I get it built. Looks really good as far as interface, programming and flexibility.

I recently built a teensy-based midi foot-switch / expression pedal controller.

on the back there are also TRS jacks that allow some of the switches to also control analog synths. There is also a toggle switch on the back that adapts the foot-switch midi behavior to be either on-off toggles or triggers

the source code is at ~philomates/midi-foot-pedal - sourcehut git and is adapted from work shared in DIY midi controller newbie thread - #4 by Cutlasses and 17 - Diy Teensy midi controller - #12 by thopa



Just adding this to the stream of ideas- these adapters can make any switch/pedal into a midi controller- simple and cost effective.